Oda Do Domu

Recipe by Madison Paras


  • 1.5 oz. Wodka
  • 1.5 oz. Cardamom Spiced Beet Simple Syrup*
  • 1.5 oz. Cucumber Liquor
  • 1.5 oz. Aquafaba
  • 2 Basil Leaves

Preparation: In the bottom of your shaker lightly muddle the two basil leaves with 1.5 ounces of the Cardamom Spiced Beet Simple Syrup. Add the aquafaba and dry shake for 20 seconds (This time variable depends on what strength of foam is desired). Then add ice, 1.5 ounces Cucumber Liquor, and finally 1.5 ounces Wodka. Shake for an additional 30 seconds. Strain into the coupe glass giving the foam time to settle after it has been poured. Then top the cocktail off with three of the spicy popped barley to give the nose of the drink a pop. As you drink the cocktail the barley will fall to the bottom, and will be the perfect ending to your cocktail experience.

*Cardamom Spiced Simple Syrup

Take whole, fresh beets and poach them till soft in a cardamom spiced liquid. During this process they will take on that flavor profile. Once they are boiled down, juice them. And the liquid obtained from the juicing process use as the liquid half of making simple syrup. Add equal parts cane sugar to the amount of spiced beet liquid that you have. Bring to a boil, and then cool. Store in a airtight container. It will be fresh for up to a month.

**Spicy Popped Barley

Heat a small pot of canola oil on the stove top till it reaches 350 Fahrenheit. Drop the plain, raw barley in for about two minutes. Remove once golden brown, and toss in paprika. Hold in an airtight container. Will be fresh for up to five days.

Garnish: Spicy Popped Barley**

Glassware: Coupe

Cocktail Inspiration:

My inspiration from Oda Do Domu stems from my roots, and how they are intertwined with those of agriculture of Wodka. The roots of my life began in a small agriculture town in Ohio. Having been born into agriculture that is all I knew for eighteen years, it was my culture. An agriculture community is one of struggle, hard work, and dedication. But, more importantly, through each of those elements little pieces of light shine through. The light is a true love and appreciation for the land, and for the people who tend to it. You are connected to life and death, and you show appreciation to one another through food, and ultimately comfort. This is the beginning of the connection that Wodka, and I share. Ultimately being the inspiration for my cocktail.

My deep rooted appreciation for the land leaves me inspired and awed by great spirits. Because they all begin in the hands of farmers. So for my cocktail I was inspired by the hands who tended and cared for the potatoes that gave us this vodka.The generations, the families, the love, and struggle that it takes. I want with each sip to feel like home. I want you to be transported to a Polish farmhouse at dinner time. Its Fall, your chilly but the home is warm and smells of Borscht. Warm spices, and comfort. Your surrounded by the people you love, and you feel at ease. You feel euphoric. Raw radiating happiness. I want you to remember the good times of home and love.

My cocktail is an ode to the farmers, the humble unseen servants to the land, and to all of us. To the ones that make sure we can share food memories. So that we can remember what it feels like to be home. Its an Ode to Home (Oda Do Domu).

Recipe Creation:

Having been inspired by the families behind Wodka, and the warmth of home, I wanted to give an appreciation for what the farmers in Poland would be eating after a long day of work. And, that would be along the lines of Borscht. Borscht is a beet based soup. So from there that’s how I began to test out and work up to a cocktail that gave it justice, and something that can be enjoyed by a consumer at any bar.

To break it down by each ingredient, the base concept of flavor is going to be beet to tie into the idea of Borscht, and an earthy comfort flavor . The beets were spiced with cardamom, so the base layer of the drink has an earthy sweetness to it that helps build the foundation of the drink. Muddled basil to help bring out more of the earthiness of the beets. Followed by a cucumber liquor, a little bit of lime juice, and aquafaba for the foam and viscosity. So the cocktail is simple, earthy, and slightly sweet. The garnish of Spicy Popped Barley really brings a smoky earthiness to the nose of the drink while adding a little texture for the customer. Barley was also chosen because grains such as barley are the second largest crop produced in Poland. Oda Do Domu is just like Borscht, but with a little twist.