Recipe by James Coleman


  • 1.5 oz. Harleston Green Scotch
  • 1 oz. Calvados
  • .5 oz. Averna Amaro
  • .25 oz. Fresh Lemon
  • .25 oz. Fresh Orange Juice
  • .25 oz. 2:1 Demerara Syrup
  • 10 dashes Cinnamon Bitters
  • 3 dashes Angostura Bitters

Preparation: Include all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake. Double strain over a large cube and garnish with lemon and orange peel.

Garnish: Orange and Lemon Peel

Glassware: Double Rocks Glass

Cocktail Inspiration:

I found Harleston to be the right amount of rich sweetness to pair perfectly with baking spice and apple. This drink is ideal to enjoy at the 19th hole after an autumn round (my preferred season to golf), but refreshing enough to enjoy in the summer as well. Straight forward for the non-fussy scotch drinker, and can win over any “scotch-should-never-be-mixed-with-anything” crowd. The name is inspired by the golf phrase for being nervous for a three foot putt, but has more to do with the fact that more than a couple of these bad boys will sneak up on you.