Just Chai Me

Recipe by Taryn Wooten


  • 1.5 oz. Wódka Vodka
  • 3 bar spoons Housemade Chai Simple Syrup*
  • 2 dashes Housemade Chai Bitters**
  • 1 bar spoon Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 1 bar spoon Espresso Liqueur

Preparation: Combine all ingredients in yarai with ice and stir until chilled. Strain into a coup rimmed with finely ground coffee.

*Housemade Chai Simple Syrup

Steep chai tea 10 minutes. Combine equal parts tea and white sugar.

**Housemade Chai Bitters

Combine 2 cups chai tea, 1/4 cup Angelica root, and 3 cups 100 proof vodka in a sealable glass jar. Allow to sit 3 weeks shaking regularly.

Garnish: Fine Ground Coffee

Glassware: Coupe Glass

Cocktail Inspiration:

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons in the south. The leaves change color and the air gets cool. I have spent my life devoted to teas, herbs, and cocktails and deeply enjoy combining my passions. Every fall I’m filled with joy at the idea of dirty chai lattes. I also have a love for the White Russian, being the first cocktail I ever learned to make. This drink is a perfect modernized cream vodka cocktail with a craft twist. Easily enjoyed during brunch or after dinner.