Vodka Celebrates Revival of the Legendary Moscow Mule Cocktail with New Stoli Ginger Beer

Stoli® Vodka wants cocktail lovers to raise their copper mugs to one of America’s trendiest and most original drinks, the Moscow Mule. To celebrate the resurgence of this invigorating cocktail, the vodka maker is giving taste buds a kick with the launch of its refreshing new Stoli™ Ginger Beer.

Simple at its core, the Moscow Mule is a distinctive drink made from three ingredients of vodka, ginger beer and lime, served over ice within its iconic copper mug, giving it a cold, metallic tang.

“As the original premium vodka brand, we saw the opportunity to make the Moscow Mule our own,” said Michael Oringer, Sr. Vice President of Innovation & Trade Marketing at Stoli Group, USA. “Stoli Ginger Beer is the first mixer to take advantage of the rapidly rising Moscow Mule trend. Its bold taste, made with pure cane sugar and real ginger extract, was expertly blended to complement the smooth and robust flavor of Stoli vodka, delivering the perfect Mule cocktail.”

To launch the new Stoli Ginger Beer, Stoli is inviting consumers to salute the Stoli Moscow Mule using the hashtag #RaiseYourMule. The campaign calls on America to trade in their usual drink for the spicy kick of a Stoli Moscow Mule—and join the resurgence of this cool-looking cocktail in its signature copper mug.

Stoli will take its Mule campaign trail across the country to engage fans with over 330 managed bar events across 12 markets including: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Miami, Washington, D.C., and Northern and Southern California. Over 17,000 people are expected to receive samples of the cocktail in addition to Stoli-branded copper mugs and recipe cards. Fans are encouraged to use the hashtag #RaiseYourMule and upload photos with @Stoli across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Stoli Ginger Beer will come in a 4-pack and be available from leading retail outlets and within on and off premise locations. The 4-pack will retail for $5.99.

Great recipes start with Stoli. Try these delicious Moscow Mule Cocktails using Stoli Ginger Beer.


Vanilla Mule

  • 1 part Stoli® Vanil™
  • 2 parts Stoli™ Ginger Beer
  • Fresh lime wedges

Raspberry Mule

  • 1 part Stoli® Razberi™
  • 2 parts Stoli™ Ginger Beer
  • Fresh lime wedges
  • Fresh raspberries (optional)

Hot Mule

  • 1 part Stoli® Hot™
  • 2 parts Stoli™ Ginger Beer
  • Fresh lime wedges

Blueberry Mule

  • 1 part Stoli® Blueberi™
  • 1 parts Stoli™ Ginger Beer
  • Fresh lime wedges
  • Fresh blueberries (optional)

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