AGWA de Bolivia’s Green Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day
Irish Owned, Grown in Bolivia, Made in Amsterdam
It’s that green time of year again! St. Patrick’s Day is a unique celebration filled with parades, festivities, and opportunities to try Irish-inspired drink recipes. This year, celebrate in style with the Irish owned coca leaf liquor- AGWA de Bolivia- and its signature green cocktails.
Wild Bolivian coca leaves are hand-picked at 2000 metres in the Andes and shipped under armed guard in 2000 Kilo Bales to Amsterdam to be macerated and de-cocainized. The potent high strength flavour formula is reduced to 60 proof, bottled and then shipped around the world in a more conventional format. AGWA is rapidly causing a stir in the food and beverage world.
Following are four signature AGWA de Bolivia green cocktail recipes for St. Patrick’s Day that are sure to be fun and interesting alternatives to green beer.
The Irish 8-ball
1.5 oz. AGWA de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liquor / Splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream / 1 Pint of Guinness
Pour a shot of AGWA and float with Bailey’s. Drop the shot glass into a pint of Guinness
The Shamrocker 
1 oz. AGWA de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liquor / 2 oz. of your favorite energy drink
Pour  your favorite energy drink into a glass and top with AGWA
The Green Angel
8 Basil leaves, 12.5 ml Pallini Limonchello, 37.5 ml Martin Millers Gin, 25 ml Agwa, 25 ml pure apple juice, vanilla sugar.
In a chilled Boston glass place 7 Basil leaves, fill with crushed ice, drizzle the limonchello and stir. Strain off limonchello, add 3 other liquids and stir to taste. Rim the martini glass with a lime wedge and sprinkle vanilla sugar on outside only. Strain Boston contents into glass and serve.
Liquid Envy
25 ml AGWA, 12.5 ml Mildori, 25 ml Zubrovka Vodka, 12.5 ml lime juice, 50 ml pressed apple juice, 12.5 ml Gomme syrup, 1 Kiwi
Scoop flesh of 1 Kiwi into a Boston Glass, add Gomme and Muddle into a puree, add all liquids and shake with cubed ice. Fine strain into a chilled martini glass (7 oz) Use ½ a hollowed kiwi as a boat and float in the frink. Add 12.5 ml of AGWA to the boat. Garnish with a lime wedge and a skinless wheel.
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