Give yourself a slow and easy start this week with an alcohol-free cocktail that will still impress guests.

Low and No-ABV cocktails are here to stay and this light and refreshing mix is a perfect example of why they should share a space on your bar menu. Founder of Global Bartending Talent Agency, Dan Dove, explained, “From the increased visibility of alcohol-free options in bars and supermarkets to the slew of great new options that have sprung onto the scene recently, there are many factors that have led to this seemingly sudden popularity of low alcohol drinks.”

“As well as the steadily growing wellness movement that is inspiring people to make healthier choices, with 18 months of clubs being shut and bars only opening intermittently, a lot of people have simply got used to life without hangovers. For many, the next morning’s hangover is no longer considered worth the night of heavy drinking when you can have just as much fun seeing friends and drinking some delicious low and no ABV drinks.”
– Founder of Global Bartending Talent Agency, Dan Dove

The Faux 75 was developed by London Essence Company Prestige Brand Ambassador, Andrea Brulatti.

Faux 75 by The London Essence Company

Faux 75

Faux 75


Preparation: Measure a portion of cubed ice into a chilled highball glass, before pouring over 30ml freshly squeezed lemon juice. After this, stir in the same amount of sugar syrup, and top up with London Essence Blood Orange & Elderflower tonic water, to your taste. Lastly, for a luxurious finishing touch, add a sprig of fresh basil to your Faux 75, adding a delicate herbaceous note.