Keep it simple to start the week with a minimalist perfect-serve cocktail from Ron Aubelo Rum.

What is a perfect serve? Each spirit has an ideal way it can be enjoyed with specific mixers or garnishes that help bring out the notes and complexities. For some brands this strays the line between a neat serve and a true cocktail. For Ron Abuelo, the perfect serve highlights subtle and hidden aromas and flavors and intensifies the profile without overpowering the spirit.

“A ‘Perfect Serve’ is another way to serve spirits – it is generally a straight or on the rocks serve of the spirit paired with a delicate additive such as spices, fruits or gastronomic perfumes that help intensify the spirit profile,” shared Ron Abuelo Global Brand Ambassador Cristóbal Srokowski

Two Oaks is the latest expression to join the Ron Abuelo lineup, which includes eight premium rums. Made in Panama, the spirit is crafted from 12-year-old rum that is aged in matured oak bourbon barrels before being finished in first-fill extra-charred American Oak. You’ll notice aromas of toasted oak, light smoke, vanilla, and nuts with a smoky, velvety mouthfeel. The spirit opens with intense flavors of spice, caramel, and roasted coffee beans that leads into a long finish with hints of coconut. In the perfect serve, orange peel and coffee beans help to bring forward the notes of coffee and spice while the spray of peated whisky emphasizes the smokiness. The result is an ideal drinking experience that allows you to enjoy the dynamic spirit to its fullest.

Two Oaks Perfect Serve

Two Oaks Perfect Serve

Ron Abuelo Two Oaks Perfect Serve


  • 2 oz. Ron Abuelo Two Oaks
  • Spray Bottle Peated Whiskey

Preparation: Spray a tumbler with peated Islay whisky. Pour 2 oz. of Ron Abuelo Two Oaks into a glass with ice. Float 2 coffee beans and an orange peel.