Wine Producer’s Efforts Support The Wilderness Society and Living Lands & Waters in Helping to Preserve America’s Natural Resources.

The Dreaming Tree Wines, a California wine brand from award-winning winemaker Sean McKenzie and musician Dave Matthews, is proud to announce it has hit $1 Million in charitable donations to environmental organizations The Wilderness Society and Living Lands & Waters in support of reforestation and conservation, a goal it set out to achieve six years ago when the brand was launched.

The Dreaming Tree began with a mission to create sustainably produced and packaged wines, as well as ensure that a portion of proceeds from every bottle purchased benefits organizations on the front lines of environmental conservation by planting trees and protecting the nation’s forests.

“The more work we can do like this in towns and cities around the world, the more we can change the outcome of the future of those communities. I really feel grateful that there are organizations like The Wilderness Society and Living Lands & Waters that can turn this into a reality.”
– The Dreaming Tree Wines co-conspirator, Dave Matthews

Winemaker Sean McKenzie and Musician Dave Matthews

Winemaker Sean McKenzie and Musician Dave Matthews

In partnership with The Wilderness Society, the nation’s leading public lands conservation organization, The Dreaming Tree has directly assisted initiatives that protect the nation’s carbon-storing forests, including the San Juan and Cherokee National Forests and California’s own Mendocino National Forest. In addition, Matthews serves on the National Governing Council of The Wilderness Society.

“Forests are the lungs of the planet; they clean the air and if we can protect them, we have a good chance of abating this incredible climate crisis. That’s why our partnership with The Dreaming Tree has been so significant as a national voice for conservation – they’re really helping to make people aware of what’s at stake.”
– Jamie Williams, President of The Wilderness Society

One Millionth Tree

One Millionth Tree

The brand is also a strong supporter of the “MillionTrees Project” – Living Lands & Waters’ effort to combat the decline in tree diversity in the floodplain forests of the Mississippi River basin. The Dreaming Tree has aided in planting more than one million trees toward this initiative to provide habitat for indigenous wildlife, increase biodiversity, air and water quality, and reduce erosion and sedimentation within the Mississippi River watershed.

Charitable giving to these environmental organizations is just one way The Dreaming Tree supports the planet, in addition to many other efforts focused on conserving resources and sustainable living. The Dreaming Tree is certified through the California Sustainable Wine-growing Alliance third-party certification program and participates in a clean energy solar initiative that includes 17,000 solar panels, covering nearly all of the facilities’ energy needs. Further, sustainable business practices that reduce the brand’s carbon footprint include the use of recyclable natural cork closures, 100 percent recycled Kraft brown paper labels and glass bottles that are a quarter pound lighter than the average, taking a lot less fuel to transport and ultimately giving off significantly less emissions.

“To go to work every day and know we’re not only making a great product for our consumers, but also doing good for the greater community and future generations, adds even more passion to my work here.”
– Senior Winemaker, Sean McKenzie

“The contributions that The Dreaming Tree has made have clearly had an impact. The trees we plant today are going to be living far beyond my life span, and so I really am leaving a legacy. I appreciate The Dreaming Tree helping me and many others do exactly that. Thank you.”
– Chad Pregracke, Founder and President of Living Lands & Waters

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