Philips Distilling Company recently announced the launch of its Douglas & Todd Small Batch Bourbon Cream Liqueur—perfect for those upcoming crisp days and nights. 

The family-owned distillery in Minnesota, claims the award-winning Douglas & Todd classic bourbon. The charred oak barrel-aged bourbon is taken and blended with rich vanilla bean flavors and luxurious cream from Midwestern farms. The brand has a mission to source locally and supports growers.

The bourbon taps into Minnesota’s natural water supply. The state’s extreme temperatures allow the barrels to expand and contract during the aging process, which draws out more flavors and will result in a well-rounded flavor.

Douglas & Todd Small Batch Bourbon Cream Liqueur

Douglas & Todd Small Batch Bourbon Cream Liqueur

“As American bourbon popularity continues to grow, we saw an opportunity to appeal to our core Douglas & Todd fans looking to expand their liquor cabinets beyond brown spirits,” says Anne McCormack, associate brand manager at Phillips Distilling Company. “Cream liqueur appeals to both whiskey lovers and dessert connoisseurs alike and it is perfect for those cold winter nights by the fire.”

Douglas & Todd Small Batch Bourbon Cream Liqueur is available as a limited release in 750mL bottles with an SRP of $34.99. The liqueur can be enjoyed chilled, on the rocks, or pour some in coffee for a treat!

For more information, visit and follow @DouglasAndToddBourbon on Instagram.