Today at 3 PM EST the SIX (6) finalists will be competing for cash prizes in the Tio Pepe Challenge!!

The Tio Pepe Challenge, featured image

The Tio Pepe Challenge

The FACEBOOK Live Broadcast will be held TODAY at 3 PM EST. Please join us and see which who will take home the cash on Chilled’s Facebook page.

U.S. Winner 2019

U.S. Winner 2019

Watch the six finalists including Abigail Gullo, Lance Bowman, Ricardo Acevedo, Trinh Quan Huy Philip, Sam Treadway, and Damian Langarica show off their skill with a venencia, with points for both style and accuracy, and also present their original sherry cocktail creation live.

The cash prizes include: 1st prize $2000, 2nd prize $1000, and 3rd prize $500!!!

The judges are Jeff Greif, Chilled Magazine Publisher, Daniele dalla Pola, Esotico Miami, Valentino Longo, Four Seasons Miami and Tio Pepe Challenge finalist 2018, and Alvaro Plata Franco, Tio Pepe Brand Ambassador.