David Powell, previously of Flor de Caña rum, has assumed the role of ambassador for Hudson Whiskey, the first post-Prohibition distillery in New York State, effective November, 2018.

David’s love of cocktail culture has brought him to the forefront of the craft spirits industry.

As ambassador of New York’s Hudson Whiskey, David Powell is able to spread his love of cocktail culture and the craft spirits movement to the community. David continues to utilize his talents to create awareness of the first New York distillery to open post-Prohibition and its award-winning craft whiskies. A committed part of Hudson Whiskey’s parent company William Grant & Sons since 2015, where he worked on the Multicultural Portfolio Associate Program before becoming ambassador of Flor de Caña, this new role is a continuation of David’s work alongside quality spirits.

David Powell

David Powell

Currently residing in New York City, David’s hospitality career began in 2011 when he joined the staff of New York’s Death & Company as a barback, before working his way up through Manhattan’s top eateries, including Pearl & Ash, Red Rooster, and The Bennett. While working as head bartender for The Raines Law Room, David became a prominent voice in the spirits community. Realizing early on in his career that the hospitality world could provide a constant influx of knowledge and experience, David couldn’t resist the possibilities presented through Hudson Whiskey’s craft spirits environment.

A self-starter—when David vacations he is always sure to explore local cocktail culture—David is a proponent of renovating classic drink options, as well as crafting entirely new flavor profiles. When not mixing up masterpieces for his menus, David enjoys rock climbing and running, as well as baseball, having played throughout college at the University of Michigan and Howard University. Through his role as Hudson Whiskey ambassador, David continues his craft-fueled cocktail career.

For more information, visit HudsonWhiskey.com.