McBride Will Serve as the Face of Brand’s Newest Campaign.

After more than 140 years of knowing a good party, Southern Comfort® has a big announcement. It’s not a new flavor or a “luxury” limited edition label – it’s so much more. It’s a phenomenon, a lively bar call and an experience so revolutionary, it deserves its own place in the dictionary: SHOTTASoCo.

So, what is a SHOTTASoCo? First and foremost, it means, quite literally, a shot of Southern Comfort, the original flavor of whiskey made comfortable – and it’s soon-to-be your new favorite drink order. Beyond the beverage, SHOTTASoCo is also a rallying cry – an all-encompassing declaration – proclaiming “Whatever’s Comfortable” for you!

Southern Comfort has enlisted comedic actor Danny McBride to help spread the word. You may know him for his irreverent role in HBO’s “Eastbound & Down,” but SoCo knows him as their biggest fan.

“Danny McBride is truly the perfect ambassador for us. He genuinely loves Southern Comfort, and his personality perfectly aligns with our everyday mantra, ‘Whatever’s Comfortable.’ We know there’s no one better to pioneer the SHOTTASoCo movement!”
– Lisa Hunter, Brand Director for Southern Comfort

Danny McBride

Danny McBride

SHOTTASoCo even has its own anthem. Check out the infectious new song on Spotify and video on Vevo’s YouTube channel. McBride himself makes quite the guest appearance, flying high above the skies, echoing the SHOTTASoCo mantra as he makes his way to the bar.

“I’m a huge fan of Southern Comfort! It’s been my go-to for years.”
– SHOTTASoCo Sage Danny McBride

Want to see SHOTTASoCo in action? McBride can help you with that, too – take a look at how he makes it easy.

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