Annual Release of 1975 Retro Can Won’t Save You From A Shark Attack, But It Will Make You Feel Like A Bad Ass Shark Hunter.

For the fourth year in a row, Narragansett Beer is releasing its award-winning Lager in the 1975 throwback can famously crushed by Robert Shaw’s Captain Quint character in the film Jaws.

Narragansett 1975 Retro "Jaws Can"

Narragansett 1975 Retro “Jaws Can”

The 1975 cans are available just in time for Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week,” which is airing earlier than ever this summer, from June 26th to July 4th, 2016, and for the 41st anniversary of the release of Jaws on June 20th. ‘Gansett encourages all beer drinkers, shark enthusiasts and film fans to share their best Captain Quint impression on social media by tagging #CrushItLikeQuint.

The 12-ounce limited-edition throwback can is available everywhere Narragansett Lager is sold in 12-packs ($9.88-$11.99), 18-packs ($12.99-$14.99) and 30-packs ($18.99-$20.99). Additionally, the 1975 cans are included in the new Narragansett Clam Shack Summer Variety Pack ($13.99-$15.99) alongside Narragansett Del’s Shandy and Summertime Citra Ale.

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