Craigellachie, an award-winning single malt scotch whisky, revealed today the next stop in its global tour for Craigellachie 51, the brand’s newest expression that it’s sharing—dram by dram—with whisky fans around the world.

From May 7-9, Craigellachie will be opening the doors to its Bar 51 experience at a secret location in New York City, during which a select group of whisky appreciators can be a part of the 51-year-old whisky’s U.S. unveiling. Unlike what other brands might do with a whisky of this caliber, like putting it in a crystal decanter or having an exorbitant price tag attached to it, Craigellachie is instead ensuring that a whisky this good is enjoyed the right away. Those thirsty to partake in Bar 51 festivities can visit to try and grab a seat.

“Craigellachie has always rebelled against modern day whisky norms, which is why the brand is doing the unthinkable and making a typically collectible scotch whisky uncollectible. We believe that whisky is made for drinking and enjoying with friends, and not for sitting on a shelf collecting dust. We’re excited to bring our Bar 51 experience stateside so that U.S. whisky lovers can have the chance to see what Craigellachie is all about.”
– Georgie Bell, Global Brand Ambassador for Craigellachie

Craigellachie Whisky 51 Year, bottle and samples

Craigellachie Whisky 51 Year

Bar 51 is a traveling tiny bar within a bar that serves Craigellachie 51, as well as other expressions from the range, including Craigellachie 13 and the award-winning Craigellachie 23. With only six seats at the bar, the small and cozy quarters bring friends and strangers together over a dram of whisky that’s patiently waited 51 years to be enjoyed. Bar 51 only features 150 seatings total during its three open nights, making it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try Craigellachie’s exquisite 51-year-old whisky.

“It’s very uncommon for a scotch whisky this rare to be given out by the dram and shared with enthusiasts at this large a scale. We hope whisky appreciators will be as thrilled at the prospect of trying our latest expression, as we are to share it.”
– Judd Zusel, Vice President & General Manager, Incubation Brands at Bacardi Global Brands


Craigellachie Whisky 51 Year, pouring

Craigellachie Whisky 51 Year

With key flavor notes of ripe fruits, waxy citrus, vanilla and smooth oak, Craigellachie 51 is proof that the brand’s old-fangled traditions have stood the test of time. The whisky is a testimony to a bygone era and past distillery workers who crafted this precious spirit in coal-fired stills more than 51 years ago. Starting life in 1962 as an aggressive beast, the whisky has developed a softer side over the years, with delicate, sweeter notes emerging after prolonged aging. The early pineapple notes change dramatically over time, leading to sumptuous cereals and subtle oak, which for a cask of this age is exceptional.

Entries for Bar 51 close at 11:59 p.m. EST on Saturday, April 27. All winners will be notified by Monday, April 29 and given the option to bring a guest with them should they like.