How would you define a craft cocktail? Is it balanced? Does it use fresh, often homemade ingredients? Artisan spirits?

A craft cocktail is all of that, but so many other issues play into the experience. The location, the bartender, the company — they all influence the situation. As does the glassware. Is it sparkling and truly clean? The latter point might seem silly and is in fact often overlooked, but just imagine your stunning craft cocktail in a spotty, residue-coated glass. You suddenly realize just how essential clean glassware truly is. Enter the new and aptly named Hobart Glasswasher, which sanitizes and cleans while still being kind to the environment.

Hobart Glass Washer

Hobart Glass Washer

Photo Courtesy of Hobart

This new Hobart series– the Advansys LXGeR and the LXGePR –is the first one that the company has made specifically for the bar and restaurant industry where cleaning and sanitizing glassware is not just a necessity, but also a priority.

Here are some of the stand-out features:

  • The LXGeR model uses high-temperature rinsing from a cold-water supply, eliminating the need for chemical sanitizers.
  • The LXGePR model uses potable water to thoroughly rinse away chemical sanitizers and chemical smells from the final product.
  • “Soft Start” feature helps prevent and reduce glass damage (available on both models).
  • Auto-clean cycle saves time spent on manual cleaning (available on both models).
  • Automatic alerts save troubleshooting time and makes machine maintenance easier.
  • The LXGeR model uses 0.62 gallons of water per rack.
  • The LXGePR model uses 1.14 gallons of water per rack.
Sparkling Clean Glasses

Sparkling Clean Glasses

When creating this new washing unit, Hobart had a number of challenges. First, while traditional three-compartment sinks or glasswashers can, of course, clean and sanitize, they do so at a cost. According to Hobart, “they use a lot of water and also leave behind a chemical residue that customers can see and sometimes taste. As you can imagine, tasting chemical sanitizers in your beer or wine is off-putting. The Advansys LXGe is different because it cleans and sanitizes glassware while also eliminating chemical smells and tastes, ensuring that the only flavors a customer will detect will be in the drink itself, not from the cleaning agents.”

It’s common sense that cocktails need to look and taste appealing. Spotty glassware with lingering flavors from a prior use can ruin the drinks experience in a split second. As Hobart observes,

“Customers are definitely expecting more from their drinking and dining experiences these days, especially with the advent of craft beers, handcrafted cocktails, and specialty wines. Chemical smells or residue clearly have no part in that experience.”

Moreover, Hobart is fully aware that the bartenders of today have exacting standards. “They put their heart and soul into brewing their own beers, creating specialty cocktails, or selecting the best glass of wine for a customer,” notes Hobart.

“The LXGe will help them focus on that part of the experience – what they do best – knowing their glassware is clean, free of residue, and ready to ensure their hard work is enjoyed!”

“A glass cleaned in Hobart’s LXGe glasswasher lets the beverage be the star.”