Start the countdown to National Happy Hour Day with a Smoke and Spice cocktail from Mossburn Whisky.

This year, National Happy Hour falls on November 12th, and we’re helping you prepare by bringing you a countdown of must-mix drinks perfect for toasting the day. With its blend of complex flavors, Smoke and Spice is the perfect fall cocktail to help warm you up from chilly weather.

The cocktail is built off a base of Mossburn’s Blended Malt Scotch which brings characteristic coastal malt notes with heavily toasted flavors enhanced with a smoky, spiced finish. An equal mix of sweet vermouth and cherry liqueur add depth and brightness while lemon juice and a mix of bitters round out the profile. The result is a well-balanced drink that pairs well with a range of food but is well-suited for sipping after dinner.

Changing up the whisky style is an interesting way to play with the cocktail. While this cocktail uses Mossburn’s Island expression, they also offer a secondary cask finish called Speyside. The Island expression is slightly smoky and spiced while Speyside has a spicy vanilla flavor. The Mossburn Distillery crafts a range of additional stunning malt whiskies that showcase the typical characteristics of Scotland’s regional malts. The brand uses two signature cask ranges to create classic expressions of provenance. Each whisky is aged in American Oak for varying lengths of time before being matured in one of two custom-made signature casks. Cask bill one includes custom barrels made form the staves of first-fill bourbon with cask heads from heavily toasted virgin European oak. Cask bill two is made of staves from first-fill Oloroso sherry and heads of heavily charred virgin American oak.

Mossburn Smoke and Spice feat

Smoke and Spice

Smoke and Spice

Recipe and Image by @gastronomcocktails


Preparation: In a mixing glass add ingredients with ice and stir until chilled. Strain into a coupe or cocktail glass and serve with cherry garnish.