Given the world’s current circumstances, Chilled will Countdown to Earth Day April 22, 2020 with daily stories of sustainability from bars to brands that continue to honor our beautiful planet.

Over the past few weeks, fear and uncertainty has brought out the worst, and the best in people. During these challenging times, some have been asked to either stop or mobilize. As such, an unexpected heroic population emerged—the essential workers who bravely care for others, selflessly mobilized, during a time when they’d want nothing more than to “stop,” and become socially distant, a privilege many take for granted. At the same time, our hospitality industry, not typically a group to “stop” for anything, mobilized virtually to help feed, entertain, and calm those in need.

Broken Shed Vodka, bottle, mountain view

Broken Shed Vodka

While the universe forces a dose of self-reflection by way of how we treat one another during crisis, our Earth seems to be flourishing in spite of us. Bodies of water have become crystal clear, marine life is flourishing, and there are noticeable drops in overall pollution around the world. Nature has an incredible ability to heal and regenerate. If nothing else, let us learn how our lives are better with less pollution, clean water, clean air, and, of course, a clear conscious.

In celebration of the spirits brands that continuously keep sustainability top of the list, Chilled recognizes Broken Shed Vodka.

With a blend of two of New Zealand’s finest waters, distilled three times from New Zealand grass-fed whey—a sustainable use of the natural protein and milk sugar rich liquid from dairy production—Broken Shed is naturally gluten-free, free from additives, added sugars, and has no GMO.

“There is an easy way to make vodka and a hard way,” says Master Blender Mark Simmonds. “We do it the hard way relying on the balanced, filtered, and purified waters to create the perfect base.”

For more on Broken Shed’s water supply and sustainability practices, CLICK HERE.

Broken Shed Vodka ( has launched its 1.75L bottle this month, in addition to its 750ML. While the company is happy to bring a new product to the market, it has shifted much of its focus to support the industry and community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some of Broken Shed’s initiatives to help the community

  • Broken Shed is hiring bartenders to create 3-minute videos crafting cocktails with Broken Shed Vodka.  Bartenders can submit videos to and Broken Shed will pay bartenders  $150 for each video posted to Social Media for its virtual happy hours. The focus is on “Pantry Cocktails” that can be easily created at home. Broken Shed will be recruiting bartenders using its social media feeds and ambassador outreach.
  • Broken Shed website lists many COVID-19 support and relief efforts, where you can learn more and donate to these organizations.
  • Broken Shed is supporting its bartender ambassadors who are helping their local communities with fundraisers and food kitchens.
  • Broken Shed is assisting on-premise accounts that have take-away or delivery services.
  • Stay connected with Broken Shed (virtually!) and tune in to social media channels for some entertaining at-home cocktail making videos from our very own bartender ambassadors.
  • Broken Shed is adding 1.75L to its 750ML and Liter bottles.