Coppercraft Distillery, the award-winning artisan spirits distiller based in Holland, MI, announced that it will launch its first ready-to-drink canned cocktail this spring, 2018.

Coppercraft’s canned Gin & Tonic, created and mixed by hand with Coppercraft’s award-winning gin, is the first canned cocktail launch from a distillery in Michigan.

Nationally, canned cocktails are a fast-emerging trend in the beverage industry, designed to give consumers the taste of an expertly mixed drink from the convenience of home. While several national retailers have come out with similar products, many are malt beverages as opposed to actual cocktails. Coppercraft’s canned cocktail is created from real spirits, distilled from grain.

“Quality craft cocktails are incredibly difficult to make in a portable manner, and this is important as we consider today’s active consumer. Our fans want to experience our award-winning spirits in new and more convenient ways. Our ready-to-drink canned cocktails deliver the same level of quality and first-class drinking experience that our consumers expect from a freshly prepared Gin & Tonic, but without having to go to a bar or mix it themselves.”
– Brandon Joldersma, General Manager of Coppercraft

Coppercraft Canned Gin & Tonic

Coppercraft Canned Gin & Tonic

The Gin & Tonic, at 10 percent ABV, will be packaged in a four-pack of 12-ounce cans. The cocktails will be available at independently-owned stores in Grand Rapids and on the Lakeshore, beginning in March, 2018.

Every Coppercraft spirit has its own qualitative and stylistic distinction. The Coppercraft Gin is comprised of 13 botanicals, foraged and found, its hints of juniper are balanced with coriander, orange, cinnamon and lemon.

Coppercraft will follow the Gin & Tonic launch with additional varieties of canned cocktails to be available later in 2018.

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