Louisville-based Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. has announced its latest gin moonshot.

An amplified, assertive Juniper forward expression of a distilled American Dry Gin—Double distilled in American made alembic copper pot-stills, using a grape brandy base and honey with no neutral spirits. The Moons Of Juniper is non-chill filtered with no added flavors post-distillation.

“Our ambition is to be America’s most imaginative brandy producer, and also to perhaps aspire to be its most inventive gin distiller. We’re looking at exploring across the universe. This is a very confident gin, it could very well blow your mind and sweep you off your feet. You may start to say F* me! like a Gallagher brother and begin singing Wonderwall.”
– Joe Heron, Copper & Kings Founder

Crushed whole juniper berries together with honey and classic gin botanicals; sweet orange peel, coriander, cardamom, angelica and grains of paradise are macerated for an extended period in warm grape brandy low-wine, then re-distilled together with vapor-distilled pulverized whole juniper berries, additional sweet orange peels and jasmine in the vapor basket.

“Nightswimming in Kentucky. Like a shooting star in an inky dark night at the lake. This is a wonderful gin, very drinkable. We wanted to make it accessible at 96 Proof versus a higher over-proof. We added honey during distillation to smooth out some of the harsher edges of aggressive juniper and layer smoothness and viscosity to the overall libation. There’s a TON of Juniper in this, and juniper, especially crushed and pulverized, is quite oily, so we have a gin that has a nice cloudy tendency. We used sweet orange to add warmth and accessibility, and lime and grapefruit for brightness, for an overall relaxed tonality. I could describe it in this way—if a standard gin is a ‘lager’ in terms of intensity, then the Moons is an ‘IPA’ in terms of Juniper assertiveness. For all its sense of drama it’s not clumsy at all, very well built, a nice thoughtful structure with beautiful harmony.”
– Brandon O’Daniel, Copper & Kings Head Distiller

Moons of Juniper Gin, bottle on white

Moons of Juniper Gin

“This is the sun shining on the shaft of a sharp knife. It acts like summer but walks like rain. It’s very drinkable, totally comfortable in an expressive junipery gin & tonic, it can stand up to spicy ginger beer in a Gin-Gin Mule, a mighty Gibson, and for those bartenders who like to work—the Ramos is stunning. Overall, it’s a big-ass gin, with lovely citrus notes but still piney crisp on the palate.”
– Michael Padgett, Copper & Kings Head Bartender

Copper & Kings The Moons Of Juniper Dry Gin (96 proof/48% ABV) $40/750mL is available at the distillery and through a limited number of select fine retailers and bars across the Copper & Kings distribution footprint.

For more information, visit CopperAndKings.com.