Louisville-based Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. is launching two Kentucky copper pot-distilled gins; an American Dry Gin using an apple brandy base, and an American Old Tom Gin using a grape brandy base.

Both gins are double-distilled using no neutral spirits, and are non-chill filtered to maximize the retention and concentration of the gin botanicals to allow them to shine with layered complexity. The gins have no added flavors or colors post distillation.

Classic gin botanicals are steeped in brandy low-wine (first distillation) then redistilled together with vapor distilled botanicals in the gin basket.

“It kind of feels like we are the Accidental Gin Company. We’ve been making excellent, idiosyncratic, barrel aged gins for some time now. We think that we are pretty good at it, and very much enjoy the creative process. Truthfully we pretty much just did it for ourselves to scratch the creative itch, to have our own gin to drink on the porch.”
– Founder Joe Heron

Copper & Kings Gin and Tonic

Copper & Kings Gin and Tonic

“We had no intentions of launching beyond that, but we’ve been incredibly surprised by the reception our American Dry Gin has had just at the distillery and in the local market and some very, very select retailers outside of Kentucky. And now it seems that everyone wants it … go figure. We still don’t have ambitions to go very wide on this, it’s for bars and restaurants and fine retailers who want delicious, very interesting, inventive, novel spirits.”

“We are a brandy distiller, and there is some uncommon complexity to using brandy as a base, with no neutral spirits and a double distilled, non-chill filtered spirit.”
– Head Distiller, Brandon O’Daniel

Copper & Kings American Gin Line Up

Copper & Kings American Gin Line Up

“How do you elevate the crisp and refreshing expectation of a Dry Gin whilst still leveraging the beauty of the rounded mouthfeel and long, elegant finish of brandy? We’ve tried to retain the full fruit essence but within a signature classic Dry Gin style. Juniper power, citrus top notes form the backbone of our own particular interpretation. We found the crisper apple brandy base to be most suitable for our American Dry Gin.”

“The Old Tom Gin style is pretty much natural habitat for us,” says O’Daniel. “We are romantics at heart, and love classic cocktails. We wanted an Old Tom true to the “Black Cat” – viscous, slightly sweeter and mellower, just a little savory versus crisp. Something that could stand up within a cocktail or up to forceful, quality mixer. We built this more in the antique Hodges & Co style developed by “Old Tom” Chamberlain, with a little more ABV heft at 100 Proof, using a grape brandy base for suppleness and finesse. Finishing in a Kentucky Bourbon barrel adds some nice spice to the mellow base.”

We are in love with the idea of spectacular Gin & Tonics, or as the Spanish say – GinTonics – as well as using our own Old Tom in classic cocktails like the Ampersand. These are exceptionally smooth, very drinkable gins, and the unusual light louche at colder temperatures is just sexy. The higher proofs hold up well in cocktails and over ice.”
– National Brand Ambassador Chris Wilkins

The company also continues its founding tradition of launching an annual limited release, barrel-aged gin. The 2017 edition was aged for 14 months in an ex-Cognac cask. The gin is per tradition themed upon a cat, with an illustrated pink panther, and named L’inspectuer.

  • Copper & Kings American Dry Gin (92 proof/46% ABV) $35 / 750mL
  • Copper & Kings American Old Tom Gin (100 proof/50% ABV) $40 / 750mL
  • Copper & Kings L’inspectuer Limited Release Gin (100 proof/50% ABV) $40 / 375mL

Copper & Kings American Brandy, Absinthe and Gin are distilled exclusively in copper pot-stills, and are non-chill filtered, with no post-distillation infusion of boisé (oak flavor or infusion), other flavors, or caramel color for an uncorrupted, authentic, natural flavor, nose and color.

For more information, visit CopperAndKings.com/American-Gin.