Take Me To The River: Modern American Cuisine Prepared With Brandy.

Louisville-based Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. has announced its latest innovation—a full cookbook detailing 20 coursed recipes prepared with American Brandy and an additional three superlative brandy pairings with country ham, cheese and artisan’s chocolate.

The book illustrates the use of Copper & Kings’ aged American brandies—American Craft Brandy, Floodwall Apple Brandy and Butchertown Reserve Casks Brandy—in recipes ranging from amuses, soups and salads through appetizers and entrées. All dishes were developed and prepared by executive chef Dallas McGarity.

“Brandy has been used as an ingredient in fine cooking for centuries. We want to showcase a modern American interpretation of imaginative cuisine prepared with our brandy. Adventurous, fresh, surprising. A showcase of versatility alongside creativity. We are also excited to see a deeper crossover between the culinary and the spirits worlds in terms of delicious libations—the combined talents of a great chef and an excellent bartender can be dynamic and inventive—and through that an elevated guest experience.”
– Joe Heron, Copper & Kings Founder

“We have spent a lot of time illustrating American Brandy’s role within the cocktail canon, and we have a close relationship with the bartending community. We wanted to open up that dialogue to chefs. Chefs have tremendous palates by definition, and for the adventurous chef they see the opportunities for the interesting layering of novel flavors, richness and aroma. From a creative side it is exciting to see the chef’s art up close and intimate, to understand the build and the thought process and to try capture that in a fun, usable format.”
– Ron Jasin, Copper & Kings Creative Director

Take Me to the River book cover

Take Me to the River

“Brandy is awesome. It’s so versatile—it works from start to finish in a meal, within every course (and it’s delicious to drink!). The flavor profiles are so dynamic, with fruit, honey, spice and it avoids a cloying sweetness when used well. It can be delicate and robust, it can add punch, as well as subtlety. I think chefs are going to have a lot of fun exploring the brandy opportunity in cuisine. It shouldn’t be so surprising, but this is a great opportunity to add dimension to any food style. Any. Food. Style. We wanted to provide recipes that would excite chefs but would not intimidate the home enthusiast with overbearing complexity. This is just great food. We want you to feel hungry most of all.”
– Chef McGarity

“I love my job. This was a lovely adventure—moving outside of the fantastic coursed recipes, and drilling it down to the more simple pleasures of pairing American Brandy with American Country Ham and artisanal cheeses and chocolates. One could live on this diet. The pairing process is always quite individual and personal, the joy is in the exploration—and the joining of the mutual expressiveness of the spirits with the artisanal foodstuffs is extraordinary. And what a highlight to work with the outstanding chocolatier – Erika Chavez-Graziano.”
– Steve Coomes, Renowned Food and Spirits Writer, and Coordinator of all Pairings

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