Winestraws® introduces a revolutionary way to protect teeth without compromise.

Red wine, red teeth and red with embarrassment – – sound familiar? Not anymore. It’s time for wine lovers to smile brighter! Introducing WineStraws®, the first (and only) straws that let wine lovers enjoy drinking red wine without compromising their smile, or the quality and taste of the wine. Designed to prevent both temporary and permanent wine stains and keep lip gloss or lipstick off the glass, WineStraws are a chic, innovative and cost effective solution to red wine woes.
The brainchild of Jenny LaFever, Southern California native and red wine lover, WineStraws were created out of a personal need. “I found it difficult to truly enjoy my favorite red wine without sacrificing my smile. For decades, dental professionals have endorsed the concept of keeping your smile white by using a straw to sip staining beverages like red wine, coffee and iced tea – but there was nothing available that ensured that the wine tasting experience was maintained,” says LaFever, Founder of WineStraws.

WineStraws feature a smaller inner-diameter than the average drinking straw, so the flow of wine into the mouth is just like sipping it from a glass. Also, WineStraws delivers wine directly to the back of the palate, which many wine enthusiasts prefer, as compared to the tip of the tongue. WineStraws are the right size, the right weight, and the right look and feel for the wine drinking experience. Made from a high-quality BPA-free and FDA-approved plastic, WineStraws look and feel like glass, yet are safe, unbreakable, and recyclable. To reuse, simply rinse with warm water. “After years of trials and extensive testing, I created WineStraws for every red wine drinker, from the wine enthusiast with naturally sensitive teeth, the wine lover who recently underwent professional teeth whitening, to the casual wine drinker who is looking for an economical, preventative solution to maintaining a stain-free smile. WineStraws are the perfect complement to any wine drinker’s experience.”
Drink red, smile white, and sip beautifully…

WineStraws are available in a Personal Pack of 4 for $2.99 and a Party Pack of 12 for $6.99 on and in fine boutiques and wine shops nationwide. WineStraws can also be personalized for weddings, birthdays and a multitude of special events. For more information on please visit, email or call 888.STR.AWS0 (888.787.2970).