Be the talk of the party this holiday season with wine and cheese-making kits from Northern Brewer. With wine and cheese making kits, you can bring a drink and a snack to share that you’ve handcrafted yourself.


The Master Vintner Wine Starter kit is the most comprehensive wine-making starter kit on the planet—equipped with all the tools someone needs to make top-quality wine in a fraction of the time. ($119.99)

The Master Vintner Fresh Harvest Fruit Wine-making Kit calls for fresh fruit, not concentrate, to generate 15 one-gallon batches. ($32.99)

Cheese Making

The beautifully packaged Creamery in a Box Starter Kit includes all of the specialty equipment someone needs to handcraft a wide variety of soft and hard cheeses such as Farmhouse Cheddar, Feta, Cottage Cheese and Queso Fresco. ($129.99)

With the widespread interest in DIY, Northern Brewer offers a wide variety of must-have homebrew supplies for every beer, cheese and wine-making enthusiast. Check out their full line of recipes and kits.

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