26. That novelty tool drawer is growing and this one from Milwaukee is awesome and only $4.50! Click here to purchase

27. Foosball player openers! Now isn’t that cute?

28. The craftsman opener wrench lends its hand on opening your beer and filling that tool drawer we have been talking about! Click here to purchase

29. The jaws opener is terrifyingly cool and you should have one. Did you see that box it comes in? Don’t go into the water… and drink some beer instead! Click here to purchase

30. Everyone is drinking beer from a glass nowadays, so it only makes sense to incorporate the ends and the means! Let your vessel aid in your opening. Click here to purchase

31. Nothing says “highly functioning” like some cuff link bottle openers. Click here to purchaseClick here for discounts on this item.


32. Want a rustic longhorn bottle opener? Hell yes you do. Click here to purchase

33. Wildly chop away at your cap before taking it clean off! Click here to purchase

34. That tool drawer really is filling up. Click here to purchase

35. This Retro Rocket is plain awesome. Click here to purchase

36. OK I think we need to talk about your bottle opener tool collection

37. The coolest zombie opener out there! Click here to purchase

38. Penguins are super cute and if you’re into that sort of thing when it comes to your barware, this is for you!

39. Homer Simpson and beer go together like peas and carrots, so this one is a no brainer. It even talks to you so you won’t feel so lonely!

40. Deadpool is one popular dude lately. Get on the bandwagon already with one of these! Click here to purchase

41. Into the dark, brooding anti-hero figure? Get one of these! Click here to purchase

42. If Nick Cage hasn’t ruined the franchise for you yet, you’ll love this! Click here to purchase

43. This sleek looking bottle opener is an ironic addition to any barware collection. Why is it ironic? Because depending on how your evening goes, they might just be asking you to “open up” at your front door later on! Click here to purchase

44. This bottle opener has a tracker on it that counts how many beers you’ve opened! I, for one, would be terrified to look.

45. The gun opener. For those who want the exhilaration of holding a pistol whilst cracking a beer. Click here to purchase

46. They offer a grenade as well in case the pistol didn’t get your blood pumping enough. Click here to purchase

47. An antique barber’s blade opener is pretty cool; get one for the old-timey barber in your life! Click here purchase

48. Looks like Makita tools are aiming to take up a little space in that tool drawer of yours that I’ve been meaning to talk to you about! Click here to purchase

49. Let the great state of Texas open your beer for you, just another thing you can (and should) thank Texas for. Click here to purchase

50. Let this tentacle laden opener do the work for you. Click here to purchase

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