There’s always that little added pleasure of whipping out a sweet bottle opener to pop the top off of a friends brew. Here is a list of some of the coolest ones that we have come across that are sure to “wow” or that are just plain fun.

1. Crafted from a repurposed bike fork drop out and sporting a handle wrapped in para-cord


2. Now that’s neat, a bottle opener made out of a railroad spike


3. Just when you thought your phone couldn’t possibly do more for you


4. A compact opener corkscrew rustic looking combo? That’s right.


5. Get one for that Greaser you know down the street. Click here to purchase


6. No proper tool box is complete without one. Click here to purchase


7. Now you can have your very own Suarez opener. He can bit off your top just like he bites other players! You can buy the item on Taobao, the Chinese version of eBay, for a bargain price of £1.56


8. This heavy-duty number forged by Machine Era Co. for Here. The leather band adds a nice, rustic touch


9. These muscle car bottle openers are amongst the best beer-opening solutions we’ve come across, the company behind them is called “Racetrack Style” and they do a series of racetrack key rings, car key rings and muscle car bottle openers. Each of the creations from Racetrack Style are made in America and machined from 12-gauge stainless steel – Even sort by your favorite car manufacturer. Click here to purchase


10. Another great looking one from the same place. Click here to purchase


11. Shark bottle opener that also doubles as a fridge magnet that appears to be bursting forth from the frozen confines in which your frozen goods are stored. Don’t worry though, he’s not after the frozen pizzas, rather the beer! These can be purchased for around 15.99, click here.


12. This one would go great the screwdriver-esque opener. Dedicate a whole drawer to novelty tool memorabilia!


13. For 12.95 you can get yourself a zombie gingerbread man. Why? BECAUSE! Click here to purchase


14. Grab a zombie hand to coincide with the rest of your undead collection. Click here to purchase


15. Cthulhu is all the rage these days, impress your friends! Another great offering from the NeatoShop. Click here to purchase


16. Remove your caps with the mighty hammer of Thor, also engraved with an inspiring quote to aid in your quests. Click here to purchase


17. You are just the hero your beers need. Click here to purchase


18. Where’s Solo? …And the beer? Click here to purchase


19. Give your friends and new acquaintances a fright before they realize you’re there to aid in their beer decanting endeavors!


20. Subtle, useful, cool!


21. These openers are made from real NHL pucks and can be purchased with a variety of logos. Click here to purchase


22. Made by a real human blacksmith in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this hand-forged steel opener from Leaning Barn Iron Works. Click here to purchase


23. I see you’re pretty gangster.


24. The Cap Zappa – open a bottle and then launch the cap at your friends!


25. Stay classy with the golf club openers


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