Reclamation Etchworks was conceptualized when industrial designer Timothy Daw and bartender Ethan Terry realized so many beautifully crafted glass vessels were being tossed into the waste stream after only a single use.

The local San Francisco bartender community mobilized to reduce waste, Reclamation Etchworks collects used spirits bottles, strips the labels, sanitizes and then reinvigorates the bottles with Deco/Nouveau stylized and laser etched designs. As cocktail culture continues to evolve, Tim & Ethan have managed to bring it into the home with an elegant foundation that delivers even the surliest of spirits back to the golden age of the cocktail.

Reclamation Etchworks decanters are available individually or in two sets:

The Variance Set:

This flagship set includes the four basic building blocks for many classic cocktails, each in its own uniquely sized decanter: Bourbon, Genìevre, Agave & Rhum. $199

The Constance Foundation Set:

This set of four identically sized bottles features the foundation spirits of many classic cocktails: Bourbon, Genìevre (Gin), Agave and Rhum. $99

Individual Constance Style Decanter:

A single bottle offering in the style of the Constance set, this elegant glass decanter is the perfect vessel to display and enjoy your favorite spirit. More choices are available than in the flagship set, including Rye, Scotch, Whiskey, Cognac, Pisco, and Vodka. Each bottle is packaged in its own individual box, designed to fit it perfectly and made from reclaimed materials whenever possible. $39

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