Michael Cook has invented a new bomb shot glass set, called Magna-Shot Bomb Sets, that uses magnets to secure the shot glass to the pint glass when people are enjoying bomb shots.

The idea came to Cook when he and some friends were heading to a New Year’s Eve party a couple of years ago. “It seems that everyone knew someone who had been hit in the mouth with a sliding shot glass as they did a bomb shot,” said Cook. “I became determined to develop a way to maintain all the sensations of the bomb shot, but to make it more enjoyable by making it safer.”

Cook decided that magnets embedded in both the shot and pint glasses were the most effective way to make bomb shots safer. When you drop the shot glass into the pint glass, it connects the two glasses using the magnets. Once connected, the user can enjoy the drink that has been mixed together without the shot glass sliding back towards the users’ faces.

He began prototyping the pint and shot glass sets in 2011 and secured a provisional patent in February 2012. Magna-Shot Bomb Sets began selling to consumers and bars in November.

For more information, visit Magna-Shot’s website at www.magna-shot.com.