O-I introduces a top-shelf spirits stock bottle for American craft distillers, the Imperial – Design endorsed by famed mixologist H. Joseph Ehrmann of Elixir in San Francisco, and O-I’s Manager of Product Development and Innovation, Raul Paredes.

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[quote]“The Imperial glass bottle has some beautiful classic lines that make it look traditional while still being different. It looks familiar and comfortable and commands a quality product be poured from it. The bottle feels comfortable in the hand while pouring from both the bottom end of bottle and while straddling the neck with more mastery. Its profile and footprint combination is just right, so that it looks distinctive on the shelf while not taking up too much important real estate. In today’s rapidly evolving craft distiller market, producers need a bottle that will do justice to their brand while appealing to both the on and off premise operator. It is a tough market out there and making the wrong bottle decision can cost a young brand dearly. With the Imperial glass bottle, you’ve got a lot of those risks mitigated and one less thing to worry about.”[/quote]

Mixologist H. Joseph Ehrmann

  • Proprietor, Elixir
  • Chief Ambassador, Cocktail Ambassadors, LLC
  • President and Co-Founder, Barbary Coast Conservancy of the American Cocktail
  • Chairman and Co-Founder, The Bartender Relief Fund

[quote]“Its dramatic tapering gives the illusion that it is being lifted above other bottles. Simply put, there is no other Specialty stock bottle in the market that can match the beauty and proud stature of the Imperial bottle.
Raul Paredes – O-I Manager of Product Development and Innovation”[/quote]

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