MargaritavilleMakerBring the island flavor of Margaritaville to your next party. Simply spin the center wheel, choose the cocktail of your choice, and watch as this innovative cocktail mixer swirls up 48 different drinks at the touch of a button! All you need to operate this drink maker is sour mix, orange juice, cranberry juice, and liquor (rum, vodka, or tequila)…and a cup, of course!

The mixed drink maker also features a fun “I Feel Lucky” button for those who love the mystery flavor. Want a double shot? Press down once on the drink strength switch, and out comes a “strong” pour! Included in this cocktail mixer set are 4 color-coded liquid tanks with matching cups, drink chute, basin and color-coded cover, drip tray, and machine with digital display. A handy instruction manual lists all 48 different alcohol mix drinks (16 per liquor type). Each drink pours 8 oz. Recommended cup size is 14-16 oz for adding ice.

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