The mason jars are being filled with all the best salsa, peaches, tomatoes, jams, syrups and sauces. There is one thing you can get now to make it easier to use all those great canned items later… a ReCAP lid!

ReCAP lids are the original pour caps for mason jars. They are spill-proof, perfect to shake, pour and store! ReCAPs are BPA free, made from recycled plastic right here in the USA. They are a must-have for canners!! ReCAPs are $6.99 and can be purchased at

Karen Rzepecki tells us more on the “story behind the story.”

Q: How was your business created? What inspired you to launch this business and/or product? I store and make homemade items in mason jars?

A: One day while shaking my salad dressing and having it leak all over, I became fed up! I went online to look for a pour & store cap for mason jars. It didn’t exist so I decided to create one!

Q: What are the three most important facts about the services or products that your company offers?

A: Made in USA, bpa-free plastic, we make mason jars more useful!

Q: What is the most common question asked about your company, its products or services?

A: When will the wide-mouth be ready? (in October!)

Q:Does your product or company have a “green” angle?

A: We are an environmentally conscious company. We make the caps ½ mile from our home; our electric comes from solar panels and we heat with wood using our 100 acre sustainably managed Pennsylvania forest.