The World’s Only Two-Piece, Infusing Shot Glass

 Bartenders everywhere can now infuse a whole new world of possibilities with the Sidekick™ Shot Glass. Created by Todd Miller, Owner/President of Innovative Barware, LLC, the Sidekick™ Shot Glass is revolutionizing the realm of creative shooters.

The Sidekick™ is a two-piece shot glass with a removable bottom that can hold anything from fruit or candy to dry ice, letting the ingredient flavors mix with the alcohol for a delicious and exciting treat. Once the shot is consumed, easily retrieve and enjoy the infused, edible condiment to complete the ultimate shooter experience.

“Innovative Barware started as a way for me to enjoy my dreams of waking up each morning and enjoying what I do,” says Miller. “Sidekick™ provides a unique shooter experience, and I love seeing what bartenders across the country are creating with the product.”

Favorite recipes include the Caramel Apple, 1 part caramel vodka, 1 part apple schnapps, a dash of irish cream and an apple jolly rancher in the Sidekick; the Stocking Stuffer, 1.5 oz peppermint schnapps, a red sugar rim and a peppermint candy in the Sidekick™; and the traditional Manhattan, 1.5 oz. premium whiskey, splash of sweet vermouth and a cherry in the Sidekick™.

Sidekicks™ are available for wholesale or consumer ordering at, and get the latest news, recipes and information from Sidekick™ on Facebook and @SideKickSG.