The world-famous Glencairn Glass has reached new heights in the U.S.A as it was used to taste the best whiskies offered at the world’s premier whiskey tasting show, ‘Whisky Live’. This year’s event was held in Boston’s spectacular State Room – an elegant Financial District space.


“For almost three decades we have gained an international reputation for high quality fine crystal and glassware and using our product at such a prestigious event is a fine example of our growing International reputation within the industry.” Said Glencairn’s sales director Andy Davidson

”The Glencairn Whisky Glass has been hugely successful as a product, with global sales of the glass having smashed the 15 million mark with sales expected to be over 3 million glasses this year world-wide. Indeed, we have just begun actively marketing the glass in the Far East, China, Taiwan and South Korea and Japan, to bolster the activity that is already happening there” He added.

A spokesman for Whisky Live said: “Returning to Boston for the third year, Whisky Live is the world’s premier whisky tasting show, bringing all the whiskies of the world together under one roof. Whisky Live prides itself on bringing together the finest whiskies, great food and a range of education and entertainment to make learning about whisky both fun and stimulating. as well as sampling single malt Scotches, bourbons, Indian and Tasmanian whiskeys and an assortment of craft spirits while enjoying unbeatable views of the city.”

The glass was designed by the founder of East Kilbride based Glencairn Crystal, Raymond Davidson, specifically to enhance the whisky drinking experience, and is now widely accepted as the official whisky drinking glass by the industry.

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