Dealing with a hangover is typically something that’s done the morning after, usually with a variety of “cures”, hair of the dog, or even a call to services such as New York’s The IV Doctor. Now Ficks has created a range of natural cocktail fortifiers that contain the nutrients to prevent grogginess after a night’s drinking.

Ficks comes in three flavors — lemon, lime, and ginger — and contains it’s own cocktail of milk thistle, amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants that help to combat the negative effects of drinking alcohol. Although each flavor has its own taste, the fortifiers have been designed to go relatively unnoticed in drinks that are typically garnished with fruit or ginger anyway. Ficks has also created it’s own recipes that are designed to go well with the solution. While mixing their cocktail, users only need to add a half ounce of the fortifier to their drink to benefit from its hangover-beating effects.

Each 8 oz. bottle of Ficks costs USD $14.99.

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