Made out of concrete, Angle33’s wine thermals are customizable (i.e. restaurant/vineyard logo.), stackable (to save space while keeping wine safe) and require no ice.

Benefits of Angle 33 Wine Thermals:

  • Made in Montana, Angle 33 wine thermals are hand-crafted.
  • Keep red and white wines, as well as champagne, at the optimal serving temperature longer than any other product on the market.
  • Eliminate the watery mess that traditional ice buckets create while still protecting the wine bottle.
  • Made of concrete and utilize the laws of thermal mass—not ice—to sustain wine temperature. There are no other comparable “wine chiller” products.
  • Each unique in character which comes naturally with the medium of concrete.
  • Have a multi-use concept/design that allows for stacking, storing, presenting, serving and chilling wine. The more horizontal rows, the higher they can be stacked, which is a great benefit
    for restaurants and small homes where efficient use of space is paramount.
  • Customizable with imprinted logos/designs/wording.
  • Available in 12 custom colors, Angle 33 Wine Thermals are a sexy, sleek and sophisticated addition to any table or bar.

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