Brew Salt is this generation’s answer to beverage enchantment.

The beverage industry just got a whole lot more interesting. Brew Salt ( has launched a new line of flavored sea salts specifically crafted to liven up the taste of beer, coffee, cocktails, and everyday cooking.

Despite the array of applications, Brew Salt’s four flavors – habanero, chocolate, lime, and bacon – were carefully and specifically created to compliment whatever pint you prefer. From pilsners and ales to porters and stouts, the flavors heighten the experience of a favorite (or not so favorite) beer.

When founding partner Robin Morgan watched her father-in-law sprinkle plain iodized table salt into his national brand beer, she was intrigued. Traditionally, beer salting was used to improve the taste of less flavorful brews. With a background in marketing and nutrition, her natural inclination was to improve upon this “old-timer’s” tradition.

[quote]We’ve upped the ante for the traditional salting of beer. We’re really loving what is happening with the craft beer industry and wanted to reintroduce this new generation of educated and discerning palettes to something fun and tasty to play around with,” said Robin Morgan.[/quote]

The unique Brew Salt recipes involve blending organic light grey celtic sea salt with all natural seasonings and spices to create bold and enticing flavors.

[quote]We’re food and beverage obsessed and are thrilled with the positive feedback we’ve gotten not just with the hardcore enthusiasts but with bar owners, brew masters and chefs that have experienced our product,” said Kerri Tanner, CEO and ‘Salt Chef’, “In fact, we’re hearing of so many creative uses for the product every day now, from cocktail concoctions to sweet and savory recipes.”[/quote]

With a shake of the brew salt into a high-end beer, the flavors are enhanced in a surprising and delicious way. Using Brew Salt in lower-end beers can also elevate your pint from can to classic with just a shake, swirl, and gulp. Not a beer drinker? Brew Salts are an ideal solution for the rim of your margarita or bloody Mary.

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