Cocalero, an authentic South American herbal spirit, has teamed up with Chilled Media to offer Chilled 100 members $50 each for their creative cocktail recipes.

Cocalero bottle, leaves garnish


During these unprecedented days of “physical distancing,” now more than ever, it is important to stay socially connected and emotionally invested. To do this, the Cocalero Send Our Spirit Soaring Recipe Program is offering Chilled 100 bartenders a creative outlet, with a chance to show off their passion and expertise, wherever it is they are sheltering in place. Each participant received a bottle of Cocalero Clásico with which to experiment. The participants who share their recipes receive a $50 stipend via Venmo.

Cocalero Cocktail, wood table

Cocalero Cocktail


About Cocalero
Named after the legendary Cocaleros that ply their trade in the jungles of the Andes Mountains. Selecting only the highest quality coca leaves, the brand uses a specialized steam distillation process pioneered by the perfume industry for the extraction of essential oils from delicate plants enhancing the complex flavor of the coca leaf. The extraordinary botanicals include Coca Leaf, Guarana, Orange Peel, Ginseng, Ginger and Green Tea. Best served ice cold with a wedge of fresh lime, Cocalero also gives drinks enthusiasts and bartenders an exciting base to create innovative cocktails. Stay tuned to see some of the creative ways our Chilled 100 bartenders are using Cocalero!


About the Chilled 100
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