Christian Brothers Brandy has a new, premium package reflective of the brand’s quality as a leading American Brandy.

The refreshed, modern label clearly communicates the quality of Christian Brothers dating back to 1882 and enhances the appeal of the brand’s core equities.

Christian Brothers will also debut the new “Endlessly Smooth” creative campaign and a revamped website to showcase the new packaging across the Christian Brothers portfolio. Incorporating the same time-honored pot still production method used in fine Cognacs by the Christian Brothers since 1882, and still aged in hand-selected oak Bourbon barrels, the evolutionary label change and new creative will focus on the rich, smooth taste the Christian Brothers brand is known for.

“This progressive package change seamlessly transitions the traditional quality of Christian Brothers into a premium, modern setting. With the renaissance of brown spirits and an elegant new label, Christian Brothers is primed to deliver the same leading results the brand has seen since its inception.”
– MaryCrae Guild, Christian Brothers Brand Manager

By maintaining the overall cathedral-shaped bottle, Christian Brothers is keeping a key brand feature intact that consumers resonate with, but with more modernized label treatments including a clear label, which is a departure from the previous gloss black paper background. Key label elements such as the grapevine crest icon, Christian Brothers and “VS Very Smooth” logotypes have been upgraded with contemporary font treatments to reflect the importance of the Brandy quality. To elegantly complete the new package, the gold black foil neck wrap and capsule have been updated to include the “Since 1882” heritage statement with the repeating CB grape vine crest repeated around the neck.

In 1882, the Christian Brothers planted their first vineyards, making altar wine for sacramental use. The Brothers expanded production as word spread of the wine’s excellent quality, eventually selling table wine and Brandy to profit the Order’s schools. While premium package and website updates honor the progressive nature of the Brothers, the Brandy itself holds true to the original quality first made over 75 years ago.

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