Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the handsome actor Ryan Bruce is making his mark all over the entertainment industry.

The seed for his career of the arts began to sprout on a formal level, when he joined the theater department at the University of Saskatchewan. Shortly afterwards, Bruce continued to study film and television at the Vancouver Film School. The most recent accolade of Ryan’s is his completion of the CBC Actors Conservatory program at the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto. While he has a true passion for acting, it hasn’t stopped him from exploring other roles behind the camera, including directing and producing.

The breakout star plays ‘Thomas’ alongside Sara Canning and Steve Byers in Lifetime Network’s upcoming drama Amish Abduction. The film follows the story of an Amish wife and mother whose husband leaves their family to live among “normal Americans,” however things turn upside down when he suddenly reappears demanding custody of their son.

Ryan can also be seen starring in the upcoming film Let Him Go alongside Kevin Costner and Diane Lane. The film follows a grieving sheriff and his wife, mourning the death of their son (played by Ryan Bruce), who set out to find their only grandson.

Chilled sat down with Bruce to learn about his go-to eats and drinks.

Chillin' with Ryan Bruce

Chillin’ with Ryan Bruce

Tell us about the projects you are working on.

I’m currently prepping for a role in a Lifetime thriller called The Madison Trilogy. I play the romantic interest of the lead girl who is being hunted down by her dead abusive ex-boyfriend’s deranged sister.

I’m also producing a test episode for a doc-series concept that would follow bands on the verge of breaking out as they tour the cracks and crevices of the continent. Paying special homage to the characters that have created these amazing event spaces for musicians to perform in.

With your busy schedule, what do you like to do with your downtime?

Small bars with open mics are on top of my list. Munching on the couch with my fiancé is most likely number one.

When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine?

In Toronto, you can’t beat SOOS. It’s a family owned and operated Malaysian-fusion restaurant that has some of the best food I’ve ever tasted. Two days a week they do a completely different menu where they serve up only vegan fair. I’m no vegan, but they make a damn good argument.

In Saskatoon, a place called Aiden Kitchen and Bar; It’s the best that my hometown has to offer. The menu is always updating and is locally driven. The cocktails put out by the bar team are some of the best and most creative I’ve had.

What types of dishes do you typically order?

I’m up for anything. Usually I’ll order whatever the place is known for. Don’t order pizza at a dumplings house and don’t order dumplings at a pizza place. Correct?

Chillin' with Ryan Bruce

Chillin’ with Ryan Bruce

Any favorite bars?

The Capitol in Saskatoon. The Reservoir Lounge in TO. The Varnish in LA.

What drinks do you order when out?

Whiskey-based cocktails or Guinness. I hear a lot of talk about gin these days. I’m not buying it.

Do you prepare drinks at home?

Of course.

Tell us about your home bar. What is it stocked with?

We’ve just moved so I’ve been starting over. I’m refurbishing an old sewing table into a bar cart; it looks very nice in our place. Currently it holds Nick Offerman’s special edition Lagavulin 11yr, a GOT special edition Dalwhinnie, Ron Cubay 10yr, Zignum Mezcal, and a small bottle of rakia (Serbian moonshine).

Chillin' with Ryan Bruce

Chillin’ with Ryan Bruce

What’s your favorite drink?

Currently, a Boulevardier.

Have you ever been a bartender?

Do you mean an unqualified therapist? Yes, for many years.

If you could share a drink with anyone, who would it be?

Passed on: my old man.

Alive: Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally.