Lisa Linke is known for her role on Successful People, a comedic web series about a songwriting duo, surrounded by a world full of successful people, struggling to make it big.

Linke plays Kimberly Hawkes, the past high school classmate of the lead character, who attempts to help him jumpstart his career. The show is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

Linke has also lends her talent to a variety of hit television shows including a recurring role on Teachers, as well as appearances on Black-ish, Shameless, and most recently This Is Us and Modern Family. Linke also appears on the Netflix series LOVE which premiered in March, 2018.

Chillin' with Lisa Linke

Chillin’ with Lisa Linke

Photo by Birdie Thompson @Birds_Eye_Photo | Hair & Makeup by Allison Noelle @AllisonNoelleMakeup

Tell us a bit about the projects you are working on.

Thanks for asking! I’m currently finalizing a short web series called Dog Therapist, and it’s everything you imagine from the title.  I was on the third and final season of LOVE. I shot that last summer, so it was nice to see it finally come out. And I shot a guest star role for a Disney show that should air this spring/summer. Other than that, you can find me at my weekly show, #SuggestionSundays on Instagram Live, 12:30 pacific/3:30 eastern Sunday afternoons. I improvise characters and scenes based on the suggestions in the comments section, invite guests to do scenes with me, and everyone can play along. I’m also constantly writing and trying to get the ideas I have down onto paper in some format.

With your busy schedule, what do you like to do with your downtime?

Oh man—in my downtime, I like to strategize my day to have more downtime!

Usually I get home after driving all over Los Angeles from appointment to appointment and then get home for a pocket of time, before I have to head out again, so I let my dogs out and eat a quick bite. Then if I can get off my phone/laptop and stop answering emails, I like to chill with my dogs and talk to and for them. Yes, you read that right. I live in a cartoon most of the time. It’s true. Other than that, I facetime with my best friend Sarah and her daughter, Scout, because they live in Chicago.

For real hobbies, I read the newspaper every day, garden and listen to NPR and a few podcasts. Plus, my dogs. I hang out a lot with them. They are 12 and 14, and have been with me since they were 6 months, so we like each other.

When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine?

I have a few places that I go to a lot. Like, probably too much. I won’t share my favorite place because it’s so close to my house and never too crowded and truly wonderful … BUT I will say what I like about it: good food, great atmosphere, kind service, the aforementioned are always reliable, and also parking.

If you looked at my credit card, you’d see that Postmates is where I like to dine the most. Oops? But honestly, I find a good place and then stick with it. I hate going to a new place and having it suck. I come from Chicago, where you have to work hard to find really bad food.

What types of dishes do you usually order?

I don’t like spicy dishes. I’m Midwestern, can you blame me? I’ve gotten more adventurous, but I don’t like painful heat. I eat all kinds of food, for the most part, but I don’t eat mammals and I am very picky about the meat I eat. I don’t eat factory farmed meat, if I can avoid it, and I like to eat organic when I can. Most of the places here in LA make that really easy—lots of organic, local, etc.

But I love sushi, Indian, Thai, a great Impossible Burger, kitchen-sink salads (where everything is thrown in), pizza—I mean I never have trouble finding something on a menu.

I’m also a breakfast lover – a great egg dish and good toast will get me every time. Any time of day. God, I’m so basic!

Chillin' with Lisa Linke

Chillin’ with Lisa Linke

Photo by Birdie Thompson @Birds_Eye_Photo | Hair & Makeup by Allison Noelle @AllisonNoelleMakeup

Do you cook?

I do … ? I can cook and I do cook, but I don’t make enough time to cook. When I do, I make a great turkey stroganoff in my instant pot (which I love for thawing out frozen meat), I make great chili and soups, and killer appetizers.

I’m more of a baker and a short order cook. I make the best chocolate chip cookies and a great avocado toast. I make smoothies most days for breakfast, and often breakfast for dinner. OH MY GOD I AM SO BASIC!

What types of drinks do you order when out?

If there is something on the menu that looks really tasty, I go for it. Listen, I drank like it was my job in college and for the first few years after. Since then, I really lost my tolerance, and one specialty drink on a bar menu gets me drunk. I used to tell the bartender to pour my drinks like their arm was broken, and now I just want something that doesn’t make me feel tipsy from sniffing it. I like my friends and family to be the most entertaining/exciting part of my evening, not the cocktails I’m drinking.

Do you prepare drinks at home?

I just had a big game night at my house last weekend, and I made white wine sangria—and everyone LOVED it! As the night wore on, it turned into rosé sangria, because I just kept pouring whatever wine I had into the pitchers to make more.

My other favorite is in the fall/winter—I make a hot apple cider with Żubrówka, this Polish vodka with a grass leaf in it. It smells so good throughout the house and tastes so amazing. My Mom’s best friend, who has since passed, taught me that trick with that vodka, and I love it.

Do you own a home bar?

Nope—I rent an apartment in LA and there isn’t space really for it. The one area I would have it in currently has a dog crate there. If I put the bar in there, they couldn’t open the bottles with their paws.

Chillin' with Lisa Linke

Chillin’ with Lisa Linke

Photo by Birdie Thompson @Birds_Eye_Photo | Hair & Makeup by Allison Noelle @AllisonNoelleMakeup

If you did own a home bar, what would it be like? 

In addition to what I keep in my fridge: white wine to grab, already chilled, to take to a dinner party or to cook with, or heck, because some days the traffic in LA is just so awful … and champagne, because you never know what you need to celebrate in LA with friends. Someone may come over with excellent news! Or, you know, mimosas.

I would keep some apple brandy handy (you’re welcome) to make sangria at a moment’s notice, and also, I’d want vodka over gin. Gin makes me mean. Legit. I’d have ginger beer for Moscow Mules, and since my friend John Loos always orders cosmos, I’d keep triple sec and cranberry stocked for him.

What is your favorite drink/cocktail?

Well, any drink that is refreshing with cucumber, like a cooler or I had a great moonshine Arnold Palmer not too long ago … I don’t like bartenders to get wild with ingredients. Staples and classics are good because they work. They’re great because they are. When you start putting 18 things in a cocktail, I already hate it just from reading it. I like my drinks to be refreshing and not the focus of my evening.

Have you ever been a bartender?

Yes! I waited tables and tended bar in Atlanta shortly after college. Once I had a guy who ordered a gin and tonic, but wanted a sweet drink. He kept asking me to pour more grenadine syrup in there, and more and more because it wasn’t “sweet” enough. Finally, I said “Buddy, it’s never going to be as sweet as you want. You started with a bitter drink. Let me make you a sweet drink.” I think I insulted his manhood because he said no thank you and drank that nasty, nasty drink. Ugh, still makes my stomach turn!

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