From comedy to drama, working in film and television, and having extensive roots in theater, Jessica is a fresh new face in the entrainment industry today, having positioned herself as “one to watch” this year.

On March 18, 2016 Jessica can be seen in her most notable role to date, co-starring opposite Paul Reubens and Joe Manganiello in “Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday,” slated for premiere on Netflix. Jessica shines as Pepper, head of an all-girls gang of bank robbers who doesn’t take crap from anyone, including Pee-Wee.

Born and raised in New York City, “Pee-Wee” is Jessica’s biggest role to date.  Some of her other credits include: “Stalker,” “Rake,” “Modern Family,” “Super Fun Night,” “Bella and the Bulldogs,” and “Welcome to the Family.”

Check out what Jessica had to say about new adventures.

Chilled: Tell us a bit about the projects you are working on or have coming up.

Jessica Pohly: I’m currently developing a show in which I play several different characters in the same family. I love playing as broad a range of roles as possible so I’m really excited to tackle this project.

Chillin’ With Jessica Pohly, celebrity chillin' with

Photo Courtesy of Ricky Middlesworth Photography

Chilled: With your busy schedule, what do you like to do with your down time?

JP: I love doing little weekend getaways to places near LA like Lake Arrowhead and Joshua Tree. If I’m staying local I love going for hikes in Griffith Park. Sometimes I do urban hikes and just wander through Los Angeles neighborhoods I don’t know well. I’m originally from New York, which is a very walkable city. LA is less so but I kind of like that challenge.

Chilled: When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine?

JP: There are so many awesome restaurants in my neighborhood. I frequent Al’laqua and Barbrix. During the day I love Sqirl or if I’m writing I’ll take my computer to The Village Bakery and hang out for a bit.

Chilled: What types of dishes do you usually order?

JP: Whatever sounds good! One of my favorite things to do is eat out with friends. It’s fun to make your way through a new menu and try a little of this and a little of that.

Chillin’ With Jessica Pohly, celebrity chillin' with

Photo Courtesy of Ricky Middlesworth Photography

Chilled: Do you cook?

JP: Nope! But I’ve been told I take direction well in the kitchen. If you give me a task to do, I’m on it. (And I am actually a pretty decent chopper.)

Chilled: What types of drinks do you order when out?

JP: If it’s chilly out I’ll usually aim for an earthy red wine. In the summer I like to have a dry white. Rose is fun with brunch. I’m not much of a Mimosa kinda gal…

Chilled: Do you prepare drinks at home?

JP: I don’t really drink at home. It’s sort of a treat when I go out to eat.

Chillin’ With Jessica Pohly, celebrity chillin' with

Photo Courtesy ofRicky Middlesworth Photography

Chilled: If you own a home bar, what is it stocked with?

JP: I don’t own a home bar in LA. In New York I have to because my Dad won’t come to visit unless I can offer him a decent drink! In New York there is usually Hendricks and Titos in the freezer and Rye on the kitchen counter.

Chilled: What is your favorite drink/cocktail?

JP: Favorite cocktail of all time is a Negroni.

Chilled: Have you ever been a bartender?

JP: Never been a bartender. Worked in restaurants for years but they’d usually relegate me to coat check. I’m too moody to work the floor. Haha!