Ruggedly handsome and the epitome of a man’s man, viewers nationwide are obsessed with Greyston Holt who stars as compulsively explosive and seductive werewolf ‘Clay Danvers’ on SyFy’s “Bitten,” who for the last two seasons has struggled between choosing an alliance with the love of his life and the alpha of his pack who has been the strong father figure.

In the highly anticipated, heart pounding final season, the pack is back but nothing remains the same and Clay may finally come to terms with who deserves his devout loyalty.

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Chillin’ with Greyston Holt

Photo Courtesy of Kourosh Keshiri

A Canadian native, Greyston grew up in Salt Spring Island near Vancouver. Living in the small artistic and free-spirited town, he spent much of his time outdoors fishing and hiking. His father was a drummer in a popular rock band so music was always in his blood and at the age of 12 he picked up the guitar. Acting was never on his radar until senior year of high school when he needed an art’s credit.

To his surprise, Greyston enjoyed the class and his mother reached out to an agent friend of hers. After graduation, he moved to Vancouver to become an actor and the rest is history. Since then, Greyston has starred in some of TV’s most popular series including “Supernatural,” “Psych,” “Alcatraz,” “Once Upon A Time” and “Smallville,” just to name a few.

Check out what this smoking hot wolf tells Chilled about his love of nature, food, and hanging with his dad and sharing a couple of cold brews – awwww we love him!!!

CHILLED: Tell us a bit about the projects you have coming up.

Greyston Holt I’m currently on the third and final season of SyFy’s “Bitten” which airs Monday nights.
With your busy schedule, what do you like to do with your down time?

Vancouver is my home base so in my downtime I like to take full advantage of the nature and beauty that surrounds the city I love.

On any given day you’ll find me exploring the local mountains, snowboarding, riding my bike around the seawall or having some tasty brews at the beach. I grew up on a beautiful little island near Vancouver called Saltspring and I like to make it over as often as I can. My dad still lives there and whenever I go back he and I like to kick back, have some brews and jam out in his studio. I’ve played guitar since I was a kid and my dad is an incredible drummer. Oh and no trip to Saltspring would be complete without a stop at Fernwood dock to drop the crab-trap. I built it a few years back out of chicken wire and it’s been hauling up red-rocks and dungeness ever since.

Chillin’ with Greyston Holt

Photo Courtesy of Kourosh Keshiri

CHILLED: When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine?

GH: When I was in Toronto filming “Bitten” my go-to was always Bar Isabel. It’s a Spanish tapas place that serves, in my opinion, the best food in the city. On the weekends their kitchen is open until 2am which is dangerous for this guy because if pop in there drunk at 1:30am you know I’m going for some grilled octopus and a plate of Iberico Bellota, which ain’t cheap. Also, I’m not huge dessert guy but they have one of my favorite dishes ever. IT’S CALLED BASQUE CAKE AND IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Sounds simple enough but oh no my friends it will wreck you. It’s a dense, moist little white-cake that a server gracefully pours hot sherry cream over. I’m getting chills thinking about it.

If I’m in LA it has to be Pine and Crane in Silverlake. It’s an incredible, family run Taiwanese place and probably my favorite restaurant in the world and it’s so affordable! Their Wood Ear Mushroom salad is basically crack in a bowl. It looks kind of gnarly but it’s a ride to texture and flavor town. Also their Dan Dan Noddles and Three Cup Jidori Chicken are insanely good.

CHILLED: What types of dishes do you usually order?

GH: Anything and everything. I get really stressed out when I order. I’m always worried that didn’t order enough or the right thing.

CHILLED: Do you cook?

GH: I love to cook.  Most of the time I just grill up some type of fish with steamed veggies. I’d say the best dish I came up with was milk-poached smoked sea bass on celeriac puree with sautéed chard.

Chillin’ with Greyston Holt

Photo Courtesy of Kourosh Keshiri

CHILLED: What types of drinks do you order when out?

GH: I usually start with a dirty Martini or a Negroni, then switch over to an IPA of sorts. If it’s going to be a late one, tequila shots usually make an appearance.

CHILLED: Do you prepare drinks at home?

GH: Yeah. I make a mean Negroni.

CHILLED: Do you own a home bar?

GH: If that’s what you call it.

CHILLED: What’s it like?

GH: I usually have a couple quality IPA’s in the fridge as well as gin (Tanqueray), sweet vermouth (Formula Antica) and Campari of course.

Chillin’ with Greyston Holt

Photo Courtesy of Kourosh Keshiri

CHILLED: What would your dream home bar be like?

GH: It would be glorious. It would be a wall of fridges with all of my favorite craft beers. No kegs. I’m not into draft beer. There would also be a nice leg of Iberico Ham at the end of the bar. Beer and meat basically.

CHILLED: What is your favorite drink/cocktail?

GH: My favorite beer is Fat Tug IPA from Driftwood brewery in Victoria, BC. It is seriously high on the IBU’s and will put the most coarse of hair on your chest. My favorite cocktail is the Negroni. In my opinion, it is the most well balanced drink ever created. It hits my palate in all of its happy places, particularly the bitter zone.

CHILLED: Have you ever been a bartender?

GH: Nope. I was a barista however. I really took pride in seeing other people enjoy my drinks. It was a great job.