Atlanta native Blue Kimble is a fresh face to the entertainment industry who has undoubtedly become a rising star.

Believe it or not, before he was deemed a celebrity actor, Blue was a professional athlete (football). However, he struck success rapidly after only investing a few years into his newfound interest as an actor. He’s been cast in many major productions including Hunger Games Catching Fire, Fast and Furious 5, BETs The Game, Devious Maids, and BET’s Being Mary Jane to name a few. Blue is now in the process of helping produce his first film The Wish.

Blue plays Andrew on the hit BET+ series RUTHLESS, which is written and directed by Tyler Perry. He is also recurring on Starz’s Katori Hall drama, P-Valley. Kimble plays Rome, a slick-talking music executive in town from the big city and looking to make some dreams come true. Blue also stars on Craig Ross Jr.’s Monogamy for UMC and is a producer on the series, which is going into its third season. Earlier this year, he starred as Tommy DeBarge in the TV movie The Bobby DeBarge Story on TV One.

Chilled chats with Blue to learn about his bartending past and go-to drinks and his love of a well-made Moscow Mule!

Chillin' With Blue Kimble

Chillin’ with Blue Kimble

Tell us about the projects you are working on.

I am currently starring on Tyler Perry’s new hit show Ruthless on BET and BET+, The new drama P-valley on STARZ and The Oval on BET. I am in preproduction for season three of Monogamy on UMC and Netflix.

With your busy schedule, what do you like to do with your downtime?

I have a very active lifestyle, so I definitely like to take advantage of my free time. I always like to get a good workout in when I can and spend as much time as I can relaxing with family and friends.

When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine?

I love to eat. I like to try out different types of foods from different cultures. Any nice restaurant, with a well-stocked bar, along with a good vibe will always be a good place to dine.

Chillin' With Blue Kimble

Chillin’ with Blue Kimble

Photo by Dean Foreman

What types of dishes do you typically order?

I like to mix it up. I might go vegetarian for a week and then the next day, go full carnivore at the best barbecue joint in town. Being from Atlanta, there’s plenty of great BBQ around. I am an equal opportunist for good food.

Any Favorite Bars?

I love a good bar, Especially, a sports bar with a good vibe and too many TVs to count. I am wherever the beers are cold, and the food is banging, but Twin Peaks in ATL is my spot!

What drinks do you order when out?

From an Old Fashioned to a Guinness, I will be completely satisfied. But I’m always partial to a well-mixed Moscow Mule. The ginger beer is always key. Bundaberg or Fever-Tree are my top choice for sure. When you can feel the bite of the ginger while you drink, you know you have a good one.

Chillin' With Blue Kimble

Chillin’ with Blue Kimble

Photo by John Marques

Do you prepare drinks at home?

I am not a bartender, but I still feel like I make pretty good drinks! I host my friends often, and I do not get any complaints lol.

Tell us about your home bar. What is it stocked with?

My bar stock is simple. Quality over quantity. Got to keep a good tequila, Tito’s vodka usually does me justice. Uncle Nearest is my new favorite whiskey. Hennessy white is a fan favorite. And cold beers always keep the party going.

Have you ever been a bartender?

One of my first jobs I was a bar-back! Although I was not officially a bartender, I learned a lot in a short amount of time. I was mixing all kinds of drinks behind the bar. I can’t say all the measurements were right, but It was a fun job for the moment.

Chillin' with Blue Kimble

Chillin’ with Blue Kimble

If you could choose someone to share a drink with, who would it be?

Oh man definitely Deion Sanders. Me being a former football player and growing up a Falcons fan, I gotta choose him. I know his stories would be priceless.

What dishes/drinks are you making at home right now during “stay-at-home?”

I have been eating everything I can get my hands on! The stay-home has had me in the kitchen. From tacos to quick salads with roast chicken or salmon. I have my home bar but at the end of the day, I usually finish off with a beer. It always does the trick.

How are you coping?

I’ve actually been coping well. 2020 Has shocked us all that’s for sure but I always keep a positive perspective and energy around me. It keeps me sane and I like to spread that to my family and all my supporters. We will get through this. Stay strong everyone!