Actor Blake Cooper Griffin is taking Hollywood by storm.

Having already garnered huge successes in the past couple of years with key roles opposite Hollywood A-listers including Helen Hunt and Cuba Gooding Jr., Griffin excels at taking on a variety of different roles, in both film and television, transitioning seamlessly between every medium he enters.

Griffen can be seen in CW Seed’s first original full-length feature film, Beerfest: Thirst for Victory. In the film, a group of twenty-something friends struggling to recapture the rowdy glory of their college days, reunite to compete in an underground drinking competition and take down the tournament’s evil CEO. Inspired by the 2006 cult classic movie, Beerfest, the digital feature follows Scott, Rob, Adam, Doberman, and Melanie as they attempt to master the American competitive drinking circuit. Along the way, they rediscover their original, raucous friendships and are reminded that life happens outside of the cubicle.

Griffin can also be seen in the drama feature Love Is All You Need? based off of the successful short film from Kim Rocco Shields. The provocative drama is set in a world where being gay is the norm and heterosexual persons are bullied. Griffin portrays his most intense role yet playing Bill Bradley, fraternity president and football player who has major issues with some of the relationships.

Chillin’ with Blake Cooper Griffin, reverse seat in chair

Chillin’ with Blake Cooper Griffin

Photo by Vince Trupsin

Tell us a bit about the projects you are working on.

I have a new movie out—Beerfest: Thirst for Victory—a film inspired by the Broken Lizard’s original version of Beerfest. I play a character named Scott. Scott is recently single and seriously struggling with the monotony of post-college adult life. He feels like he’s lost his mojo and wants to revive the spark he felt in college so he convinces his friends to join him in Beerfest—a series of beer games and drinking contests. It was pure fun to shoot. I loved working with the cast and our director, Matt Johnson. He, along with the producers, created an environment that made going to work fun. I think that shows. Oh! And you can see the film now on CW Seed on Apple TV, Roku, online, or through the CW Seed app.

With your busy schedule, what do you like to do with your downtime?

I’m obsessed with sleeping. Mostly because I feel like I never get enough. I also like to hike with my dog. Other than that, I also volunteer for voter registration and “get-out-the-vote” efforts.

When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine?

I eat out almost every meal. I love restaurants. Being in a communal space at dinner time makes the meal better. When I’m in Los Angeles, you’ll find me at Taste on Melrose or Cecconi’s for happy hour. For dinner I really like this Italian restaurant called Osteria La Buca or the French eatery Figaro. For late night eats and drinks, I go to Jones Hollywood—they have awesome pizza and special cocktails. And, Bar Ama in downtown LA, has some of the most delicious Mexican food in the city. For lunch, I hit up neighborhood spots like Basix with American fare and Continental Kitchen which serves Mediterranean cuisine.

What types of dishes do you usually order?

It depends on my mood. I love pasta. I wish I could eat it every day. I’m also a steak guy—medium rare filet is a favorite. For lunch, I order healthy—salads and wraps—that kind of thing. My friends always make fun of me, because wherever I am, if sweet potato fries are the menu, I order them. With ranch dressing!

Chillin’ with Blake Cooper Griffin, serious in plaid suit

Chillin’ with Blake Cooper Griffin

Photo by Vince Trupsin

Do you cook?

Not really. I wish I was better at it. That said, I make a fantastic grilled cheese and I’m pretty good at omelets. I’m also very talented at ordering food from restaurants and serving it in a way that makes it look like I cooked it!

What types of drinks do you order when out?

My go to is a tequila, soda, splash of lime juice. It’s clean and refreshing. That said, I like to try specialty cocktails as well and then recreate them at home. I recently went to a bar and they had a silver tequila drink with watermelon juice, mint, and lime juice. So, I have a lot of watermelon juice in my fridge right now.

Do you prepare drinks at home?

Yes, I like to have friends over for drinks. I think it’s a great way to catch up with a buddy. I find that drinks are boosted by specialty ice cubes and glasses that suit my style.

Do you own a home bar?

I do. I recently redesigned my place and one of the things that I wanted to make sure to add was a bar.

Chillin’ with Blake Cooper Griffin, yellow shirt, red shoes, michael jackson pose

Chillin’ with Blake Cooper Griffin

Photo by Vince Trupsin

What is it stocked with?

I’m still working on cultivating it, but I always keep it stocked with Casamigos Silver Tequila, Tito’s Vodka, and Bulleit Bourbon. I’ve got a rotating array of other tequilas that friends have given me as a gift. I also keep wine around for dinner parties. My favorite is New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

What is your favorite drink/cocktail?

My typical drink is tequila, soda, lime juice. But I also really like a tequila mule with extra limes.

Have you ever been a bartender?

I haven’t, but I think it would be a fun and challenging job. I would love talking to all the customers, but always wonder how bartenders remember the recipe for every drink!?

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