Tom Malloy has been focusing his acting and producing energy on some exciting projects. He produced and has a supporting role in Fair Haven, a poignant film about a young LGBT man’s return to his family after a stint in conversion therapy.

The film just had its premiere and is making the rounds to numerous festivals, which most recently screened at the ReelOuts Arts Project. It is currently available on Amazon, iTunes, and also aired on Showtime. He can be seen in Hero of the Underworld, which is available on VOD. Malloy’s performance as Dylan, the overnight manager of the upscale Century Grand Hotel, earned him “Best Actor” awards at the NYC Chain Film Festival and AC Cinefest.

Malloy also lent his talent to #Screamers, which is making a splash on the film festival circuit with a screening at the Torino International Film Festival in Italy as well as wins for “Best Feature” at the Studio City Film Festival and the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Fest. In addition, he created, wrote, produced, and starred alongside comedian Scott Baker in the comedy series Midtown. The first two seasons are available now on Amazon Video.

Check out what Tom tells Chilled about poker playing and his Irish heritage leading to a total love of whiskey.

Chillin’ with Tom Malloy

Photo by Birdie Thompson. Grooming by Jennifer Represented by Michelle Q Beauty

Tell us a bit about the projects you are working on.

I currently have a film called Fair Haven in select theatres, and it premiered on SHOWTIME in June. Film Independent called it one of the must-watch indies of 2017. I also have a film called Screamers, a scary movie that I’m really excited about. We’re still finalizing the release details, but the film has twice been called the BEST found footage movie ever.

With your busy schedule, what do you like to do with your down time?

I love two things; playing poker and jiu-jitsu! I have been on the celebrity poker tour doing charity events, since 2010, and I love playing poker with friends. As for jiu-jitsu, I started training with Royce Gracie before the UFC even existed. But it’s always been an on-and-off thing depending on my schedule. Thankfully now I’m back at least three to four days a week.

When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine?

I love sushi, and I love Indian. Both have to be in my diet several times a month. I grew up eating Indian food, my best friend across the street where I grew up was Gujarati, and it’s now in my blood! As for sushi, again, I started young and got hooked!

What types of dishes do you usually order?

There is literally almost nothing I won’t eat. One time, maybe ten years ago, I got on this kick to eat the most exotic meats I could find. I had antelope, wild boar, kangaroo, you name it. I love to try different flavors, and I feel I can truly taste the difference between each one. You’ll never hear me say, “It tastes like chicken.” It doesn’t to me!

Chillin’ with Tom Malloy

Photo by Birdie Thompson. Grooming by Jennifer Represented by Michelle Q Beauty

Do you cook?

Oh, yes. I have two kids and I’m a single dad, so I’m cooking all the time. I actually love breading things and frying them. That’s my specialty. Chicken, turkey, fish … I love them all breaded and fried.

What types of drinks do you order when out?

Usually an Irish whiskey (my last name is Malloy. I have to fit the stereotype), like Jameson or Tully. When I’m really looking to let myself have it or unwind the stress, it’s an extra-dirty Beefeater Martini, olive juice, but no olives … I refuse to eat my drink.

Do you prepare drinks at home?

Yes! The same ones I just told you, plus another one I throw in every once in a while. I got this recipe for Gin and Tonic down in St. Augustine, Florida. It’s Beefeater, or really any gin, with something called ‘strong tonic,’ which looks like maple syrup, and comes in the same shaped bottle. Then I drop a little lemon juice in, stir it, no ice (tonic must be cold), and the drink ROCKS!

Do you own a home bar?

Yes! My last name is Malloy, and I’m Irish. (Laughs).

What’s it stocked with?

Gin, Jameson, Jack Honey (if I want something sweet), Tully (Tullamore Dew), and good quality beers, like Delirium Tremens and some Sam Adams.

What is your favorite drink?

If I had to choose one, it would be that extra-dirty gin Martini, shaken, not stirred. There’s no drink that hits you immediately like that and makes everything in life just cooler. I love to drink and I’m good at it … I rarely get sloppy or out of control, unless that’s the plan, like at a wedding or bachelor party! My whole family has been that way, all good drinkers who control alcohol, and don’t let it control us.

Have you ever been a bartender?

Of course! It was one of my very first jobs because there was a rule in New Jersey where I grew up that I could serve at 18. So I was bartending at a place called the Wunderbar, in Whitehouse Station, and then every summer after when I was in college. One of the main secrets for me about being a bartender in a dive bar like that was that it was all about speed. Ninety percent of your drinks are beers or gin and tonics, and you need to make them fast. Then people are happy.

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