Actress and model Nikki Leigh can be seen as a lead opposite Denise Richards in the TV series A Girl Is a Gun.

Nikki plays Santa Fe, one of the three women. The series will be available online through BlackPills’ new streaming service.

Nikki recently starred in Lifetime’s Open Marriage as Becca, who tries to save her struggling marriage with her husband by reluctantly agreeing to an open relationship with their friends, Mindy and Max. Though her passion with her husband is rekindled, neither of them expect the jealousy, heartbreak, and betrayal that soon follow.

Nikki’s additional credits include Two and a Half Men, NCIS, The Bold and the Beautiful, The Wedding Ringer, The Bet, and The Vigilante Diaries.

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Originally from Orange County, California, Nikki moved to Los Angeles after she landed her own show on Sirius XM. An honors student throughout school, she graduated from California State University of Fullerton cum laude. In her spare time, she loves working with children to increase their confidence, traveling, sports, and animals.

Here’s what this beauty, inside and out, told Chilled about doing her own stunts, handling a gun, and her love of tequila.

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Tell us a bit about the projects you are working on or have coming up.

I am currently waiting for the release of one of my favorite projects, A Girl Is a Gun. I had to push myself physically for this role, which included doing my own fight stunts and gun handling!

I also have a highly anticipated Turkish comedy to be released this year that also stars Steve Guttenberg, who plays my father. My character only speaks Turkish, so that was a huge challenge for me. As the lead female in the film, you want to be able to act and react in the language, so for two months I had to immerse myself in their culture to better understand my character. It was challenging but living in Turkey was such a blessing, something I know I will cherish forever.

With your busy schedule, what do you like to do with your down time?

When I do get the chance to have me time, I do everything I can to get outside. I will take my dog on a hike and go find a nice lunch spot with an outdoor patio. I also like to read. I am constantly reading scripts and sides for work but I never get to sit down and read a good book. I love reading self-help books, teaching me how I can better myself and others.

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When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine?

Those who know me personally know that I LOVE food! Food is like a best friend: always comforting and never lets me down. I realize that might make me sound super lame, but I do love food. I love going to nice steak houses or sushi! There’s nothing like having a nice night out at a beautiful restaurant. One of my favorite restaurants is Nobu. They have exquisite cuisines with a few of my favorites: a beautiful ribeye with truffle butter and Kobe beef! Darn, now I’m hungry!

What types of dishes do you usually order?

I try my best to order on the healthy side (no bread). Going without bread is super hard, but it’s a challenge I work on every day. Usually at any restaurant, I order an appetizer or a side salad. Then I can order my main course, which differs depending on the restaurant. I choose between chicken, steak, or seafood. I don’t discriminate! With the main entree, I will always order a side of veggies. Anything from Brussels sprouts, asparagus, carrots, broccoli, and my favorite, beets! If they have beets anywhere on that menu, it will be ordered by me!

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Do you cook?

Anything that involves food already has ahold of my heart. So, I enjoy cooking, but unfortunately, with my schedule, I do not get the luxury of cooking my own meals. I do want to take culinary classes, so when I do start the “having a family” chapter in my life, I can cook for them!

What types of drinks do you order when out?

I am a purist. I order Don Julio 1942 tequila on the rocks with a lime. Done. However, if there is a tequila drink with spice to it, I will always try it!

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Do you prepare drinks at home?

I just like my tequila on the rocks, so there isn’t much preparing but I do enjoy finding ways to make new ways to enjoy my tequila. I keep in mind different ways to make drinks spicy. It is amazing what you can use to make drinks spicy: muddled jalapeno, ginger, hot sauce (Cholula, sriracha, any hot sauce they serve in Texas), chilies! This all kind of started when I was a cart girl at a golf course. I learned how to make a mean Bloody Mary, and I would have regular customers asking for it on the course!

Do you own a home bar?

Not yet!

If you did, what would it be like?

When I have my own home bar, I will make sure to keep all my people happy. I will have Coronas and Stella for the beer lovers, some red and white bottles of wine for my wine connoisseurs. Grey Goose and Titos for my vodka lovers. And for me, all my favorites: Don Julio 1942, anejo, a reposado and a blanco. I will also have Patrón stocked for those who don’t understand my love for Don Julio. I also enjoy my whiskey: Basil Hayden, Bulliet, Jameson. And of course I wouldn’t forget the garnishes and natural juices to go with it!

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What is your favorite cocktail?

My favorite drink, that I already mentioned, is Don Julio 1942 on the rocks with a lime. If, and it is only if, the bar has stuffed blue cheese olives will I order an extra dirty Martini with Kettle or Grey Goose vodka. That’s the drink that my dad and I have every time we go to a nice steakhouse.

Have you ever been a bartender?

I have not been a bartender before, but I love to learn, so I hope with my amazing future home bar I will be known to my friends as their bartender!

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