Laura is best known for transforming herself into Blanca Flores, a cunning and disheveled inmate on the award-winning smash NETFLIX hit series “Orange is the New Black.”

Some memorable moments for Blanca include managing to hide a cellphone within the prison wall of a restroom stall, blackmailing correctional officer John Bennett and warding off other inmates by continually talking to herself and “El Diablo.” Season four of “Orange is the New Black” premiered on June 17.

On television aside from “OITNB,” Laura recurred as Selena Cruz [a former prostitute working as a sex trafficker enforcer] on “Law & Order SVU,” and on the HBO mini-series “Show Me A Hero” which tells the story of the Yonkers desegregation crisis of the 1980’s.

On the film front, Laura was seen in EXPOSED as Eva De La Cruz opposite Keanu Reeves, Ana DeArmas and Mira Sorvino. She also recently finished shooting the film GOLDEN BOYS, directed by award winning filmmakers Laura Amelia Guzmán and Israel Cardenas, where she stars as a boxing promoter.

We’re so happy OITNB is back!! Blanca is one of our favorite insane characters on the show! We knew she’d clean up nice- here’s what this beauty has to say about what she’s got going on.

Chillin' With Laura Gómez

Photo Courtesy of Adelle Hart

CHILLED: Tell us a bit about the projects you are working on.

LG: I recently finished shooting a film in my native country, Dominican Republic, where I star as a Boxing Promoter, directed by the award winning filmmakers of the film Sand Dollars, starring Geraldine Chaplin. This film is set to participate in some important festivals, so I´m excited about that. And we start shooting Season 5 of OITNB pretty soon. Looking forward to that.

CHILLED: With your busy schedule, what do you like to do with your down time?

LG: Now that is summer, I love to sit in the park with a book, go see friends in plays, and watch tons of films. I’m actually starting a Film Club with a friend.

CHILLED: When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine?

LG: One my favorite things in New York is actually exploring new places all the time. However, I do have some usual spots I always go back to, such as Decibel, Sala 19, Socarrat, Azuka, and Casa Mezcal. Then in Williamsburg a friend has a spot called Rosie’s Truck and I die for their Shrimp taquitos.

Chillin' With Laura Gómez

Photo Courtesy of Adelle Hart

CHILLED: What types of dishes do you usually order?

LG: Depending on the type of restaurant, anything with fish or seafood, so Paella, Tuna tartar, Shrimp tacos, and that sort of stuff.

CHILLED: Do you cook?

LG: Hmmm… I try to. I’m not extremely creative though.

CHILLED: What types of drinks do you order when out?

LG: Malbec, Dirty Martinis or Vodka Tonics, depending on the situation.

CHILLED: Do you prepare drinks at home?

LG: That, I don’t do. I mostly have wine at home.

Chillin' With Laura Gómez

Photo Courtesy of Adelle Hart

CHILLED:Do you own a home bar?

LG: If by bar you mean a few bottles of wine- (Haha!!)

CHILLED: What is your favorite cocktail?

LG: I love a good Dirty Martini and cocktails with either jalapeno or cucumbers in it.

CHILLED: Have you ever been a bartender?

LG: I wish, but the closest I’ve been to bartending is mixing coke and rum at family gatherings.

Chillin' With Laura Gómez

Photo Courtesy of Adelle Hart

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