Bethany can be seen co-starring on the Audience network’s action/thriller series Rogue.

The show follows Ethan Kelly (Cole Hauser) as he runs away from his troubled past.

Bethany shines as Bethany Doyle, a San Francisco Police Department rookie detective who admirably yet naively sees the world with definitive binaries between right and wrong until she is put into challenging situations where she sees what was right is now very wrong, and she starts to question who she can trust.

Aside from working on the show, Bethany loves the outdoors. You can find her hiking, kayaking, and scuba diving when she isn’t on set. She is also passionate about rainforest conservation, and is working with The Rainforest Pavilion to purchase rainforest land for permanent conservation. And if that’s not enough on her plate, Bethany also holds a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and maintains a rehabilitative caseload.

Chilled got the chance to chat with Bethany about her many projects and hobbies, love of travel, cooking, and ice wine.

chillin' with Bethany Brown, side stare pose

Photo by Mike Chatwin

Tell us a bit about the projects you are working on or have coming up.

The fourth and final season of Rogue can be viewed exclusively on AT&T’s Audience network. Audience Network is also avail on DIRECTV Channel 239, or U-verse TV Channel 1114, and via live streaming on DIRECTV and U-verse apps and DIRECTV NOW.

The theme of the series is no good deed goes unpunished. This season follows Ethan Kelly (Cole Hauser), who moves back to San Francisco to slay his ghosts and seek redemption. But soon he ends up in the sights of a vicious and corrupt cop. I play rookie Detective Bethany Doyle of the San Francisco Police Department investigating a crime that eventually has us crossing paths with Ethan Kelly, a Fortune 500 company, and the Federal government itself. Let’s say it’ll be challenging.

With your busy schedule, what do you like to do with your down time?

In my down time, I love to stay in, cook, put on some Spanish guitar music, enjoy my new apartment, entertain guests with food and wine (and force-feed them). I also love to travel and am heading off to Central and South America later this month. I intend to learn to open water scuba dive, as there is the second best coral reef in Honduras and apparently, it is one of the cheapest places on the planet to learn to dive. I love this planet and want to see it all and conserve it all, if possible. Basically, I want to hug and romance our planet and this life, I think that’s what I’m trying to say. I enjoy yoga, hiking, kayaking, and snowboarding.

When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine?

I love finding hole-in-the-wall restaurants or one-offs that serve phenomenal food and super-affordable prices. I like supporting the little guy/gal or those who try to find the artistry in all that they do, whether it be food or wine or drinks. I enjoy the experience of dining, the adventure.

In Vancouver, I would say my favorite Japanese fusion place is either Tatsu on Commercial Drive, or Guu in Gastown. Ethiopian in Harambe on Commercial Drive. Greasy spoon breakfast would be Slickity Jim’s on Main Street. I can go on and on.

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Photo by Mike Chatwin

What types of dishes do you usually order?

I’m a pescatarian, so I’ll usually order a vegetarian dish or a fish dish. I love food from all over the world and tend to totally crave a specific cuisine when I wake up and then for the rest of the day I’ll try to quench that craving.

Do you cook?

I do cook! I’m relatively new to cooking and learned most of my skills while living in Japan, so I tend to cook Japanese food if I am going to entertain. Although I recently began a new adventure into Mediterranean cuisine (dolmades, hummus, baba ganoush, stuffed peppers, baked cauliflower, mujadara, etc.) which has been delicious and fun.

What types of drinks do you order when out?

I love wine, especially and bold and unapologetic red. But if I’m out for something light and fun, let’s say at a Japanese Izakaya. I’ll order plum wine (umeshu) which is like an ice wine, but not as sweet. I also really like a Moscow Mule or a good ol’ Canadian Caesar.

Do you prepare drinks at home?

I have prepared drinks at home, but I need to step up my mixology. I will usually serve wine, something I’ve tasted or am excited to taste, and love pairing it with the food I’m serving.

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Photo by Mike Chatwin

What is your home bar stocked with?

Currently I have a half a bottle of Laphroaig, Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (a gift from a wonderful producer friend), a Bulleit Bourbon (a gift from an actor friend AJ Michalka), Gordon’s Gin (just in case folks need to get out of control or want a Caesar), some vodka, Kahlua, and a bottle of Talking Stories from a cheeky little winery in the Okanagan Valley called The Hatch. They have an unbuttoned and edgy vibe while celebrating “all things good and decent.”

I also have a tiny remnant of a bottle of ice wine from Rollingdale Winery in the Okanagan Valley. It is the best ice wine I have had the pleasure of tasting. Runs about $60 (Canadian price) per bottle, but it is an absolute treat. They are a 100% family-owned business that has their distillery in a transformed airplane hangar.

I recommend taking a wine tour through the Okanagan Valley. It has the burnt yellows and oranges of Tuscany with a laid-back, small-town vibe.

Have you ever been a bartender?

Only for one day on TV … but I did quite a bit of prep at home for that role. Really trying to embrace the method on that one.

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