Amber Nash is currently the voice of Pam Poovey in the hit FX/FXX animated adult series Archer.

Pam is a former ISIS Human Resources director in this patriotic spy sitcom and has become a fan favorite. The series has been honored with two Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Animated Program, a Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Animated Series, and a Gold Derby TV Award, to name just a few. Nash’s character has garnered a lot of attention and is referred to as “real hero of Archer” by BuzzFeed. Nash has also previously showcased her voiceover talents on Adult Swim’s Frisky Dingo and with a guest role on Cartoon Network’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Outside of acting, Nash is heavily involved in improv. She has been an ensemble member at the comedy improv Dad’s Garage Theatre in Atlanta since 2004. After moving up the ranks, she became the Education Director for the theatre and has taught, created, written, and performed in thousands of improv shows, which opened the door for her to tour all over the United States.

Check out what Nash says about her (mostly) vegetarian diet and her sparkling spirit.


Photo by Birdie Thompson, Glam by Allison Noelle Mesa

Tell us a bit about the projects you are working on or have coming up.

Season 8 of Archer is airing on FXX! This season is called “Dreamland” and is set in 1947. My character this season is Poovey and is gender neutral and a cop that is partners with Cyril. It’s fun and beautifully animated.

With your busy schedule, what do you like to do with your downtime?

I love traveling with my husband. I also like just chilling at home with my husband, Kevin, and my dog, Carol. I love going to the movies or just hanging at a bar with friends. I love dive bars and strip clubs!

When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine?

I’m a pescatarian so I eat a primarily vegetarian diet but also sometimes fish. We have so many incredible seafood places in Atlanta. I love Six Feet Under and BeetleCat. I love Mexican food, my favorite is Mezcalito’s; they have an amazing brunch and one of my favorite breakfast places is Ria’s Bluebird. We do really good breakfast in the South.

What types of dishes do you usually order?

I like Southern a lot. I love sushi. I eat a lot of salads. I love shrimp.
amber nash, posing in green dress

Photo by Birdie Thompson, Glam by Allison Noelle Mesa

Do you cook?

I cook a lot, actually! I love steaming crab legs, it’s so easy, but feels super fancy. I’m always looking for ways to make things I love less fattening. I make shrimp and grits, but make cauliflower grits instead, and it’s really amazing. I’m lucky because my husband will eat anything.

What types of drinks do you order when out?

I used to be only a vodka/soda gal, but have gotten into wine a lot. I love Prosecco, Cava, anything sparking, red, white. I love it all. I’m still learning, though. I’m not picky. Also, you can’t beat a good Margarita or Bloody Mary!

Do you prepare drinks at home? Do you own a home bar?

I do. My husband and I have an amazing vintage bar that we found at an antique store. We love to entertain. I like making martinis, my husband loves whiskey, and he recently made some hot pepper-infused tequila.

What is your home bar stocked with?

Lots of vodka, all different kinds bourbon, Irish whiskey, Aperol (I love spritzes), tequila and rum that we brought home from Jamaica!

What is your favorite drink/cocktail?

Prosecco, probably, or a good, dirty Martini.

Have you ever been a bartender?

I have. I waited tables for a million years and did some bartending. I think I was pretty good at it.