Chilled media launched The Chilled 100 Tasting and Trivia event to keep spirit brands and bartenders connected throughout the pandemic.

The educational event invites Chilled 100 bartenders to meet with brand owners and representatives virtually, giving spirit brands the opportunity to inform some of the country’s top bartenders about their products, while offering a tasting component to get their liquid to bartender lips. The event ends with the trivia portion, where participating Chilled 100 bartenders can compete for cash prizes and get to show off their listening skills along with their most-useless general knowledge. The events are so successful that we will continue to schedule them until we are able to hold our Chilled 100 Tasting and Trivia events, in-person.

So, today in celebration of National Trivia Day we asked some Chilled 100 bartenders and our National Chilled 100 Director, Wendy Hodges, to tell us what they thought of the Chilled 100 Tasting and Trivia Events. Here’s what they had to say.

Trivia Pic Akashi

Trivia Pic Akashi

Wendy Hodges

National Director Chilled 100

“I love hosting Tasting and Trivia for our members. I enjoy every aspect of the event. We begin with a meet and greet, and I encourage the bartenders to talk about the cocktails they created for the welcome portion. It’s a nice way to connect with each of them on a more personal level. A lot of times it is the first time I get to meet them since we haven’t been able to have many in person events the past year. Then we roll into the tasting part of the event where we get to learn about the brand and get an intimate walk through their spirit(s). The bartenders get to engage with the brand, and it really helps them connect with the spirit in the bottle. We close with the trivia portion which is always fun. I love watching everyone’s competitive side on the zoom call while they are fighting for the win!”

LaShan Arceneaux

Houston Chilled 100 member

Three Lumps Of Sugar (owner/bartender)

“I love the Chilled magazine trivia events! It gives me a chance to have fun and connect with my peers across the country. Throw in the educational component from the brands and it’s a winner!!!”

Kevin Reid

Charleston S.C. Chilled 100 member

The Drawing Room (bartender)

“Most traditional tastings don’t have the virtual engagement as with the Chilled Tasting and Trivia. I plan to be a part of as many as I can! You get a personal interaction with the brand and even if you don’t have the best day with trivia, they have random winners too!”

Joan Villanueva

San Antonio Chilled 100 member

The Canopy by Hilton (bar manager)

“The community! I love seeing everyone in different parts of the country and being able to step away from our bars to share about what we do, who we are, and what we are up to.”

Marie Yoshimizu

Detroit Chilled 100 member

Virtual Bartender and Social Media Influencer

“I enjoyed learning history about the distillery and hearing other people’s opinions about the spirits. The trivia was a good idea to make the event more casual and fun!”

Paula Lukas

New York City Chilled 100 member

Freelance Bartender and Beverage Consultant

“I really enjoy taking part in Tasting and Trivia because I get to sample amazing spirits and learn about them directly from the brands. It’s also fun to have some friendly competition with my fellow bartenders! I look forward to when we can do this in person!”

Lance Bowman

Chicago Chilled 100 member

The Alderman / Pilsen Yards (Beverage Director)

“With virtual tastings becoming common over the past two years the Chilled team has made them personal and fun with fantastic presenter and content, but the trivia piece adds an interactive component that makes it stand out from the others.

Reimagining hospitality and spirits education in a virtual space has given us many events that, while educational can seem cold and impersonal. Tasting and trivia has done a fantastic job of making it feel personal, and more importantly make these events fun again! Not only has Chilled curated great content for the tasting and education, but the fast-paced trivia component is an absolute blast with general trivial style questions mixed in with what was learned during the events. Not to mention the fact that there are cash prizes on the line is a HUGE perk!”

Bruno Diaz

Las Vegas Chilled 100 Member

The Venetian (bartender)

“One thing that I like a lot is discovering and learning about new spirits that I’ve never seen before and talking about the product itself. My favorite part of the event is talking among my peers about the spirit and getting their opinion on the different aromas and aromatic flavors they experience. The whole thing is fun and informative!”

Julia Melucci

Tampa Chilled 100 Member

Opal Sands Resort Clearwater Beach (bartender)

“One of my favorite parts of Tasting and Trivia is learning about and trying spirits that I don’t always have access to. For example, at the last one I had a rum that isn’t even available in the continental United States, and it was delicious! The trivia is also really fun because it’s fast paced and gives me an outlet to use some of the seemingly useless knowledge I’ve been collecting my whole life.”

Tasting and Trivia Vegas featured image

Tasting and Trivia Vegas