Attention procrastinator shoppers: Chilled has you covered!

The holidays can be stressful in general but add in a pandemic? Stress levels are now doubled. Between decorating, gift wrapping, and buying presents, December can be a chaotic month.

Chilled wanted to alleviate that tension by doing half of the work for you. We put together our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for all the spirit lovers in your life.

There is still time to squeeze in that last minute shopping. This gift guide is the ultimate list, with something for everyone in your life. Finish off the year the right way with one of these gift ideas that your friends and family will love.

Global Whiskey for all the most sophisticated palettes.

Liqueurs that make the holidays bright.

Luxury booze for those who want the best in life.

Don’t forget those who keep it light! Low and No ABV drinks worth celebrating.

These Rums will bring the Christmas Cheer.